My Pillow Pets ? Number One Gift For 2010

Every year has one or two gifts that become all the rage, these are the must-have gifts that every kid wants to have. You have no doubt seen them on television, you’ve seen them in your local shops, maybe you have even observed children walking around with them! They are known as “My Pillow Pets” and they are the hottest gifts of this Christmas season!

Every My Pillow Pet is a plush stuffed animal that doubles as a cushion. There is an attachment strap under the Pet’s tummy that, when connected, actually makes the Pet appear like it has legs, making it a treasured companion. Simply unfasten that connector and you instantly change the pet into a pillowy,soft cushion that you can now lie your head on!

So why are they so popular? Well there are a number of reasons that kids of all ages, and their respective parents, take great delight in the lovable universe of My Pillow Pets!

Firstly, they are wonderfully cuddly and whois there anyone that does not like cuddly? Stuffed softly, similar to your very favorite cushion, my pillow pets have an ultra-soft outer cover that just begs for hugging! The Toys soft fur is great for petting and will provide comfort to your little guy or girl just right as they doze off to the land of sleep.

As a word of caution, please be aware that My Pillow Pets are not crib-safe and must under no circumstances be put in the cott with a baby. Any type of pillow will create a suffocation hazard, and My Pillow Pets are made for kids over the age of three years.

Next, they are very portable, and kids just love to be able to drag their favorite soft toy around with them! My Pillow Pets come in two different – an 11-inch as well as an 18-inch – which makes them great for children and adults of all ages!

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