My Touch Phone Samsung W699

Samsung M7600 has been the eyes of many of my friends has a special status, many local Friends of the external screen is too small because there is no election to his beloved cell phones, because of about 1.3-inch external color display has been seen as U.S. chicken! GSM: 900/1800 MHZ Dual SIM rd dual standby Bluetooth FM radio Dual touch screen E-book reader MP3 MP4 player Support TF rd extend to 8GB Touch-Wiz functions-you drag icons to other place and change interface smoothly-Language: Monday to Sunday Games:4 commongames-More-information:MP3,MP4,Handsfree,SMS-group-sending-Handwriting-Keyboard-input-Bluetooth-GPRS-download,MMS,GSM,Memory-extend-canlendar-alarm-lculator,notepad,document-management,E-book-reader,Stopwatch,Currency-converter, Unit converter. This time, we finally have a U.S. offer of this very large 2.4-inch external screen of the clamshell mobile phone Samsung W699 ! The appearance of golden orange easier to let you off where, while the dual-touch screen is handy for our operation, together with the keyboard input, it is a menace, all in the functional aspects of it also is not inferior: Dual card double-double question Bluetooth, e-books, and so on caller blacklist completely essay to meet the daily lives of everyone. Product Descriptions: Cool Touch Wiz operation in camera, audio and music player. English/Chinese 2.2/2.8 inch screen, group contacts T-Flash rd Supporting, support extend TF rd to 8GB 1.3 Mega pixel mare for Picture$ -Video ability, the biggest size is 1280×960 Stereo Loud speaker,64 chord ring tone MP3$ MP4 player GPRS$ WAP connectivity, MMS Transceiver U disk support function to keep the information storage Bluetooth Voice record lender, To do list, Alarm, World-Spot-watch picture, leer Ring Tone, leer video Telephone directories:500groups of contacts, support incoming with big head stir, group ring tone Schuler power on/off: support to start/use under set time Alarm o:5 groups, support alarm o when Hine’s soon set from Metal material with supreme hand feel perfectly shows your extraordinary characteristics. Dual SIM and long standby meet your use. Samsung W699, China Samsung style, 2.4 inch super large outer screen, extraordinary golden color, dual touch screen and keyboard input, dual SIM dual standby, E-book, incoming call blacklist. Wholesale Free-shipping new arrival Samsung G89 dual SIM dual standby Flip phone touch WIZ. This phone will only work with GSM network 900/1800MHZ. Russ Builder for Do merchant By Do-merchant Inc. Though this item is China cell-phone, not original, it is perfect high quality replica, nobody can recognize it. The quality is guaranteed. You can’t miss it! Article comes from: By Joanne