Mystery Cabin Busy Start In January 80 000 Variable Million – Business, Small Business – Food

Mystery in this small room, master Zhang Jun, wondering every day, just one month, even the 80,000 yuan to become a million dollars, even he himself felt incredible.

Zhang Jun: “all of a sudden, then only with tens of thousands of dollars over their own, opened less than a month, how would almost immediately become a millionaire.”

The change from 80 000 millions of thing to happen in 1996. Year in August, Zhang Jun in the home business failure alone came from Zhaoqing, Guangzhou City, found the time to do the clothing business in Guangzhou, brother.

Brother Hsien: “I said it would be better so be it, before dad’s food quite good ah, be better off out of 12 dishes to try, then reminded him.” Zhang Jun

brother reminded to think of his father have done before the lamb pot, from small to eat large, Zhang felt that taste different from the lamb flavor, chances are that something will sell a little money, he decided in Guangzhou try to sell mutton pot.

Zhang Jun: “First of all, lack of funds at that time, with tens of thousands of dollars, and then traveled the streets of Guangzhou.”

Brother Hsien: “I was really strenuous to find site, ah, a newspaper in Guangzhou, a board-run, day to find seven, eight talk, talk talk to, an open hand is the top fee is more than ten million. “

Hand for that other than a fee in addition to rent, also known as transfer fee. In the busy section of a 50 to 100 square meters of small venues Hand for at least 60,000 yuan, while for all the family belongings only 8 million, Zhang Jun is obviously too expensive.

Brother Hsien: “in the” Yangcheng Evening News “devoted a page, I see, businessmen doing business network school he saw and asked where it was, ah, people do not Hand for, there are more than 900 square meters. “

Zhang Jun: “This is a government canteen before, it does not close the top hand costs, but there are some sets of stool ah, where you can save some money.”

The more than 900 square meters where the top hand without charge, and very cheap rent, but in the back of Street Department, played poorly, is not the ideal site to do business, many people give up. Zhang Jun, a shortage of funds and soon rented the venue.

Zhang Jun: more than 80,000 then to 22,000 a month rent, to pay one month’s rent, and then have to charge a deposit of two months, which removed my 66 000, when the only one more than 10,000, the casually bought two pot, buy a few bowls, and so open. “

1996 10 months, Zhang Jun hasty preparation, his lamb pot shop finally open for business. Soon he found a relationship between the survival of a large shop problem.

Zhang Jun: “Guangzhou people do, eat anything, he is not eat the lamb, because the smell of mutton taste heavy, they are resisting.”

Fortunately, her father do to his family mutton, through Angelica, Polygonatum and other herbs, plus some percentage of modulation according to the special ingredients to taste in addition to mutton smell of mutton, eating is not lit.

Brother Hsien: “My father left behind two points we can completely remove the smell of mutton taste, and this soup is also very good taste.”

Removes the smell of mutton lamb, can move people do not eat mutton, Guangzhou, Zhang Jun, his heart is really no end Dao Hai. Until a week later, the Guangzhou Daily arrival of an old reporter to do a thorough strengthened his belief in lamb pot. We are twists and turns, finally found the elderly over Nail.

Old customers Zhuzhi Tang: “First, there is no smell of mutton, the second is comparatively sweet dish, it is suitable to our tastes in Guangzhou. In particular, my wife, ah, she has not eaten meat for 20 years. Where the lamb changes Her 20-year habit of eating mutton. ” BOLA TANGKAS