NAR Keeps Veterans at Their Homes through a Home Relief Program

The National Association of Realtors extends its Operation Home Relief Facebook Causes campaign. It was launch last month to keep military families in their home through assistance for foreclosures, and the country responded with great eagerness – after 20 days, NAR was able to generate $ 20,000 worth of donations.

According to the President of NAR, Ron Phipps, any family who loses a home to foreclosure is a family too many. He further adds that a foreclosure does not only affect the family which loses their home, but it also decreases the value of every other home in the area. He states that he is pleased with the country’s response to Operation Home Relief, and that the organization is committed to add more funds to support families of military people who need the assistance.

NAR launched the campaign through the website, its consumer site which provides comprehensive information on homeownership. The campaign aims to encourage people to become more aware of their situation, to get more support, and to increase the funds for USA Cares, a nonprofit organization which provides assistance to homeowners who are facing foreclosures, through financial counseling and giving grants to military service personnel who were in active duty since 9/11.

At first, HouseLogic donated a dollar to USA Cares every time a person joins the Cause page, and then agreed to match the donations made amounting to $ 20,000. To honor November 11, Veteran’s Day, HouseLogic is again increasing the donation by $ 11,000. It also offers a foreclosure guide, which can be accessed by homeowners online, for them to be able to avoid the traps of foreclosure, along with solutions and tips that can help more and more families to keep their homes.

HouseLogic is an online source of free information as well as of tools, which homeowners can use to help them make informed decisions about their home and its financial aspect. You can plan, organize and devise ways for you to be able to keep your home and lessen the financial burden that it can give you.