National Food Safety Laws May Delete The Electronic Monitoring Code Provisions – Electronic

“Meeting on the 18th NPC Standing Committee Chairman suggested that the Electronic monitoring code All from the terms of the Food Safety Method removed. “One source said yesterday to the Post reporter, if Food Safety in the draft law to delete provisions relating to electronic monitoring code, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (hereinafter referred to as “AQSIQ”) has been promoting electronic monitoring network plan will lose their legal protection.

18 on the morning of the Eighth NPC Standing Committee chairman of the Eleventh Meeting held in Beijing’s Great Hall. It is reported that chairman of the meeting decided that the August 25 to 29 will hold the fourth meeting of the Eleventh National People’s Congress, suggested that the meeting consider the draft food safety law and other legal cases.

Thus, whether the food safety law should provide for food, Food Additives Products and food-related code to electronic monitoring system will once again become the focus of attention.

From the previous “national dental prevention group” event, to present the accused in court of the State Administration of Quality Supervision, involves more than just an administrative monopoly problems, reveals a deeper level how the constraints on the powers and supervision, and how to transform government functions.

Launched the fourth wave of anti-trust lawsuit

In the following August 1, August 11 Days 6 security companies on grounds of administrative monopoly AQSIQ to court after the August 17, Shenzhen times Connaught Communication Technology Co., Ltd., Guiyang High Huamei Long Technology Co., Ltd. two security companies, also through Proxy Lawyer Zhou Ze, a way to mail the case materials were the same facts and reasons, to the Beijing First Intermediate People’s Court, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection proceedings. This is the AQSIQ within the past two weeks the third wave of antitrust litigation experience.

Present, the plaintiff eight companies indicted homogeneous AQSIQ the claim the same: to confirm the defendant requested the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine to promote the “China product quality electronic supervision network” operating to force businesses to the product endowed Contributions to join network of electronic monitoring illegal administrative acts; defendant was ordered to immediately stop the illegal AQSIQ and take measures to eliminate violations to the plaintiff because of its impact.

“We will launch the fourth wave of antitrust litigation, until the mandatory revocation of the State Administration of Quality Supervision electronic monitoring network operations.” August 19, related to security companies as the legal agent, associate professor of China Youth College for Political Sciences, Beijing City Development Law Firm lawyer Zhou Ze to the Morning Post said Beijing still not received the Filing of a notice in the hospital, there are still many enterprises in the security industry is being contacted.

Not received notice placed on file

“We still have not received a notice placed on file.” Information Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing trillion letter to the Morning Post, vice president of Long Gang told reporters.

8 1st, “anti-monopoly law,” the official implementation date of the letter Beijing trillion in digital security companies, business, four companies sued the Beijing Administration of Quality Supervision one hospital suspected of administrative monopoly. According to Long Gang, four security companies that promote a mandatory AQSIQ called “Information Technology Co., Ltd. CITIC seized” (the “CITIC location”) of the electronic monitoring network operations, as these security companies and CITIC CIQ operating such content, face unfair competition. “Administration of Quality Supervision of the administrative acts, violation of the” Anti-Unfair Competition Law “and” anti-monopoly law “requirement.” AQSIQ became the “anti-monopoly law” “the first defendant.”

“Starting from April 2005, AQSIQ will continue to spread seized CITIC business ‘product quality electronic supervision network in China’ business, asked manufacturers of the products produced endowed by adding electronic monitoring network, for consumption persons to the website. ‘network enterprise data maintenance fees required to pay, pay check information on consumer inquiries and telephone charges.’ “Long has just said,” without Tender , CITIC seized executive power as the basis for anti-counterfeiting AQSIQ only electronic platform. In late 2008, five months, we finally decided to sue several companies AQSIQ. ” BOLA TANGKAS