Natural and Drug Free Remedies To Cure Tinnitus

Tinnitus is that annoying ringing or whistling sensation in your ear. This could also come in the form of scratching sounds, squeals and low hums. In fact, tinnitus is rather subjective. People who have such symptoms usually hear a great variety of sounds, with different intensities and pitches. Some people hear short bursts of loud, startling noises while others hear a near constant bombardment of a low to medium pitched humming sound. In addition, the most effective cure for tinnitus will differ from person to person. Some people respond well to one kind of treatment while others find better results with another.

If you are looking for relief, here are some of the more commonly accepted natural treatment options for this medical condition.

1. Wear earplugs. This might seem too simplistic to be true but there are some people who have reported a drastic reduction of those bothersome noises in their ears. Medical experts are now saying that although this remedy is not universal, it may be appropriate to people who, for one reason or the other, may have damaged their hearing due to loud noises recently. This condition can be compared to something similar to acoustic shock.

The high keening sound may be the result of the fragile ear canal hairs sustaining minor damage. Earplugs will afford the sufferers some measure of relief. These can block off other potentially damaging sounds while allowing some of the hairs to heal.

2. Exercise more. Although there is no conclusive evidence to support that running on the treadmill for 30 minutes a day is a cure for tinnitus, many health care providers are still recommending exercise to sufferers with tinnitus symptoms. Why? For one thing: exercise helps keep the blood pumping, which in turn encourages the body to take in larger volumes of oxygen. This process speeds up all of the inner workings of the human body and eventually promotes well-being.

Some of the milder and less prolonged cases of tinnitus may have been brought about by head colds or the onset of an ear infection. Keeping the blood flowing is one way of promoting a healthier immune system that may help the body recover from illnesses faster. Once the head colds or the ear infection goes away, the ringing sensation in the ear might also go away. Additionally, exercise gives the person something to do, which can keep the sufferer’s mind off the problem. Keeping busy does have its benefits. Again, this treatment option is not applicable to everyone.

3. Get more sleep – and make sure you get great qualitative sleep too. This might seem like an unusual cure for tinnitus, but there are those who favor it. 8 to 10 hours of sleep may be just enough for the person’s body to heal from whatever is triggering the tinnitus. Some say that mild cases of this condition may have been due to stress, either psychologically based or due to physiological changes. Sleeping will help balance out the system and alleviate most, if not all stress-related symptoms.