Natural Breast Enhancement Foods: The List Of Herbs That Have Mastogenic Effect In The Body

Natural breast enhancement foods have existed several centuries ago. Before the birth of any pharmaceutical products, these particular plants have been the famous solution of women who want to increase their breast size. When technology came to birth, people forgot about these plants. People become inclined to the easy-steps brought by technology. However, due to the negative effects of synthetic products that inflict damage upon the health of the consumer, people are now going back to herbal medicines.



The Herbs

The natural breast enhancement foods are taken from herbs. It is either the fruits or seeds of these plants that are being eaten by women to have that mastogenic effect in the breast allowing its tissue and ducts to expand and grow. Other parts like leaves and roots are mixed with the foods that are being cooked.


These are the famous herbs:


Fenugreek. This plant is given to women to address generally women’s health issues like menopause and breastfeeding difficulties. The seed is usually ingested by young women to increase their breast size. Seriously, this herb contains phytoestrogens and diosgenin that are considered as the potent components that stimulate the breast tissues. Today, this herb is blended with curry powder and maple syrup.
Fennel. This herb contains a great dose of phytoestrogens. Next to Fenugreek, this Fennel plant is popularly used by women to increase their cup size and aid their milk production, if women are breastfeeding.
Kwao Krua. This tuberous plant is grown in Thailand. The white root of Kwao krua is proven to have a rich content of miroestrol, one of the strongest kinds of phytoestrogens that speeds up the growth of breast tissues.


Other Mastogenic Foods:

Saw Palmetto. Native Americans had discovered the value of this plant as it addresses both the men and women’s problem with their reproductive organs. For men, this plant treats men’s impotency, and obviously for women—the breast size.
Soybeans. This plant is classified as a vegetable that contains phytoestrogens which is specially the isoflavones. The phytoestrogens simply imitate the functions of estrogens in the female reproductive organ.
Wild Yam from Mexico. The rhizome of this plant is also rich with phytoestrogens. Like the Fenugreek, this plant has valuable effect in the woman’s reproductive health. It aids women from their premenstrual syndrome, thus a quick relief is experienced one it is ingested.


The list could go on with the plants that give mastogenic effect in your body. You can have the gluten grains, wheat, flax seeds and barley that are known for their phytoestrogens. These Natural breast enhancement foods are very easy to integrate in your diet program.



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