Natural Cancer Cure – Helping the Body to Heal Itself

What’s the Deal with Western Medicine?

Well, there is no “deal,” not really. Western medicine is fine – in its place. Some great ground breaking advances have been made in medicine that have made our lives much easier and healthier in many areas. The problem is, though, that western medicine is really designed to primarily treat the symptoms of an illness. If it is not treating the symptoms, the it is working to eradicate the disease (bacteria, virus, etc.) itself. Very few efforts are made to treat the body. The actual physiology is rarely taken into account which leaves the body somewhat vulnerable. It has no ammunition to fight off another attack and its resistance may even be weakened by the medications and treatments (including many cancer cures like chemotherapy) that got rid of the disease.

What makes Natural Medicine so Great?

Natural medicine helps the body heal itself, strengthen itself and form its own resistance to disease. Natural medicine goes beyond symptom control and even elimination of the disease. It delves into the human body, finding what elements are lacking and bringing the body back into a state of balance. Anytime there is disease in the body, or even lowered resistance to disease, it is because the body is out of balance. Something is off somewhere and natural medicine is most concerned with that level of health care. It goes far deeper than the band aid effect that western medicine provides. That is why a cancer cure that takes whole body, natural approach has a much better chance of being effective, not only in getting rid of the cancer, but also in strengthening the body so that the cancer can not return or other diseases can crop up due to the body being in a weakened state.

Water + Oxygen = The Human Body

The human body is a complex piece of machinery. Most people believe that its main components are blood, bone and sinew. However, the truth is the human body is made up of somewhere between 70% and 80% water. In turn, water, by weight, is 89% oxygen. This means that the human body is made up of somewhere between 62% and 71% oxygen. Oxygen is an essential element, required for sheer survival, but also to help provide energy and function of all the components of the body. This is where a cancer cure must begin – and it has.

Oxygen Deprivation Linked to Cancer

Dr. Otto Warburg, a two time Nobel Prize winning doctor, revealed through his published studies that the diseased body has insufficient oxygen levels and this is what is at the root of the disease. He went further to explain that in his studies he found that when a cell is deprived of just 35% of the level of oxygen that is requires for a time frame of 48 hours, its likelihood of becoming cancerous increases exponentially. This is what causes cancer and why cancer is so prevalent in our society today – because many people are suffering from oxygen deprivation. This means that a cancer cure must address this deficiency first and foremost. Only then can we truly save lives.