Natural Nutrients and Herbs Are the Answer to Menopause and Hair Loss

Are you suffering from menopause and hair loss? If so, you will be happy to know that the answer lies in natural ingredients. The use of herbs and nutrients combined with vitamins will allow you to stop the loss and re-grow your hair. This is accomplished by stopping a substance called DHT.

DHT forms when women go through menopause because estrogen levels are reduced and testosterone is increased. Due to the increased testosterone, a by-product, DHT is formed and attaches itself to hair follicles. This attachment damages the hair follicle by stopping it from receiving nutrients needed to keep it healthy. The follicle will shrink and the hair falls out.

The hair follicle can become so damaged that it will not grow hair. The natural ingredients that are used to stop the damage caused by menopause and hair loss include minerals and vitamins as well as herbs. What are these ingredients, you ask? They are probably ones you have heard of, maybe in relation to other uses. One of the herbs is saw palmetto which has been used for men’s health. The extract from the fruit of the saw palmetto is known for its use for prostate health.

Another is nettle root and horsetail. Nettle root often refers not just to the root of the plant, but the whole plant. This plant is abundant all across Europe and North America, where it is considered a weed. The plant contains many minerals that are great for hair and skin, so it has many uses for both. Horsetail comes from a plant that looks like a tree. This plant has been around for about 400 million years and is related to the fern.

Growing in several places including North America, Asia and Europe, this is a plant that will remind you of asparagus. The parts that grow above the ground are the parts used for the healing properties this plant contains. As long as you know that menopause and hair loss are not as serious as they seem, you can find the right ingredients to correct this without panicking. When the initial shock wears off, you need to get busy hunting the ingredients you need.

These ingredients combined with the vitamins and minerals you will also need can take care of hair loss. Vitamin B-6 as well as magnesium and zinc are part of the treatment. Biotin, another B vitamin is also used to help the re-growth of hair. Menopause and hair loss does not mean you have to give up. The ingredients used can help your hair to grow back and be in wonderful shape while it is growing.

While many women dread this time of their life, it can be handled with a minimum of discomfort. Making use of the resources you have at your disposal can take the guess work out of what you should do to stop hair loss.

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