Natural Remedy Is The Best Remedy

Acid reflux is a common gastro-intestinal problem and many people suffer from it. For some people it turns into a chronic problem over a period of time. There may be many reasons for this. Excessive dependence on medications or drugs and unhealthy dietary habits aggravates this problem. When a person suffers from acid reflux he feels a burning sensation from the chest to the abdomen. At times this sensation becomes extreme and the person finds the pain unbearable. Usually old people are more prone to suffer from acid reflux. This is because as a person age his metabolism weakens and he takes a long time to digest food. Actually it is that undigested food which triggers the process of acid reflux.

If you want a medical explanation for this problem then it can be explained in simple terms. To help digest food the stomach passes acids and juices. When these juices and acids are displaced to other organs of the body it leads to discomfort and finally there is a burning sensation. So, how to prevent this problem? Well passing of acids and juices by the stomach is a natural process which cannot be stopped but there are ways through which you can get relief.

Usually people seeking acid reflux remedies opt for medications. However these medications do not provide any cure. At the most these help to get temporary relief from the pain. Moreover prolonged use of such medications may lead to side effects. It may also affect your health in the future. Some people also use artificial acid regulators. These have side effects and therefore you should use them in limited quantities. Another problem is that you may get addicted to these medications which can be detrimental in the long run.

Since acid reflux is a common problem it is therefore better to seek natural remedies. There are many natural ingredients which can help treat this problem naturally. Applying the old adage Prevention is better than cure can also work wonders. Try to identify and remove the factors that trigger acid reflux. Carbonated beverages, caffeine, spicy food, highly acidic dishes etc are said to be the culprits. Make a habit to avoid such eatables. Smoking and taking alcohol also aggravates the problem. There are natural remedies in the form of ginger, apple cider vinegar (an age old remedy), baking soda etc. The good thing is that these have no side effects and also helps to prevent this problem in the future and above all these help improve your overall health. BOLA TANGKAS