Naturally Shrink Fibroid Tumors

Although they are benign, that is to say they are not cancerous they can certainly cause a multitude of problems. First of all do you know you really have fibroids? Many women are not aware that they have them until a medical exam reveals them. They think their symptoms are just “normal” period pains and side effects.

Some of the problems caused by fibroid tumours are heavy periods, which may include flooding, or a sudden gush of blood, long periods, losing large clots of blood. These sorts of symptoms are usually caused by submucous fibroids which grow into the womb.

As a result of these heavy periods and the resultant blood loss you may become anaemic or iron deficient. Which in itself can make you feel weak and tired. Anaemia can be treated with supplements or a change of diet to include iron rich foods such as liver, some leafy vegetables such as spinach along with peas, beans whole grain cereals, even red wine.

Some of the period pain you experience may be due to large clots of blood passing through the cervix or “neck” of the womb. Or a fibroid which is growing on a stalk in the womb being forced out.

You might also experience dull aching in your thighs or you might get varicose veins in your legs. This can be caused by very large fibroids pressing on nerves and blood vessels to the legs.

Just as there are foods which can help with anaemia so there are also foods which can help reduce or shrink fibroid tumors. Conversely there are also foods which will make them grow. There are also a number of ways in which you can change your lifestyle which will help you rid yourself of the problems caused by fibroids. It’s possible you may be able to stop cramps heavy bleeding and bloating within a matter of hours.