NCAA Volleyball Recruiting: What You Can Do to Help Yourself

For many high school volleyball players, taking volleyball skills to the next level is a very real possibility. One of the first steps is to understand the college volleyball recruiting process. This process is simple for some, more complex for others, but always essential to the high school athlete hoping to play on the next level.

As the process begins, it’s important to do following:

Know the Rules:  When it comes to college volleyball recruiting, there are rules set up by the NCAA that must be followed. These rules include information on when coaches and athletic directors can contact you and your parents.  These rules also include information and when and how you are allowed to contact coaches. There are several resources available to volleyball players that help you understand these rules and make certain you abide by them.

Look at Volleyball Recruiting Websites: The Internet contains a plethora of information literally at the fingertips of students and athletes. Volleyball recruiting websites are an ideal way for you to understand everything that goes into the college volleyball recruiting process, including tips on contacting coaches and how to make a volleyball recruiting skills video. With these websites, you better help prepare yourself for everything getting recruited ultimately entails.

Ask for Help from Others: Chances are, you know someone who has played volleyball, or any other sport, for a college or university. If so, these people can be a great resource for you, helping you understand everything from how the process works to how to make your volleyball recruiting skills video. If you don’t know anyone who has ever played in college, try visiting volleyball recruiting websites and meeting people through that medium.

Keep Playing: If you are in the process of being recruited by a college, or in the process of being rewarded a scholarship, you should not just hang up your kneepads and assume things will work out. One of the best things you can do is keep on playing volleyball and further improve your game.

Be Patient: The college volleyball recruiting process is not something that happens overnight: you can’t expect to be playing high school volleyball one day and college ball the next. The process can take months, and sometime up to a year, to fully come to fruition. Reminding yourself, and your parents, to be patient is instrumental in making sure the process proceeds as smoothly as possible.