Necessary to Learn Translation

What’s your attitude towards translation? Do you think it is really important in our modern world?

No doubt about it! We need to learn translation. Why do we need to learn it? It is because the fast developing world needs it.

There are hundreds of languages all over the world. Though not all of them need translation, most of them do need it. Thus more and more people are trying to learn translation from all the nations on earth. They have different languages of their own as mother tongues. They need to translate them into other languages, most probably into English in serious situations, for English is now the dominant language across the world.

But otherwise lots of people have gone the wrong way too much. Yes, they go to colleges or universities to learn translation, but you forget measuring themselves if they are suitable to learn translation. Some people think they like translation, but actually they love speaking some foreign language. You see, translation does’t equal speaking. It is necessary to learn translation, but it is unnecessary to learn it in such an intention.

And the condition to learn translation is based on a good language understanding. For instance, if you want to translate English into Chinese, you need to understand Chinese and English very well. Then you need to learn a language first. Say, if you want to learn Polish as your target language, you can try to use a software to learn it, such as Rosetta Stone Polish. At the same time you need to improve your English as well to meet more professional needs. Once you have laid a good foundtion for your Polish understanding, then you can move to translation.

But if you are maybe not interested in Polish, instead you have strong intention to learn German, and also hope to work there someday. Then you can choose a software to learn German first, Rosetta Stone German can also be your choice. When you learn this language well, you can begin your translation journey. But bear in mind, you need to learn German culture as well.

Furthermore, if you want to translate Spanish into English, Rosetta Stone Spanish is also helpful. But certainly learning Spanish nowadays can be various ways. You know Spanish has been very popular after English.

Anyway the world needs all kinds of translators. Once you think you are suitable, you just move to it. If not, change another way.