.net Framework Best Friend For A Developer

We are living in a world where the web has become the hub of all activities. Websites have almost become an integral part of any business. No one can even think of venturing into the business world without a website. Websites and the applications developed to be used are being developed with new and more sophisticated technology with each day.

Its really important for developers to keep pace with ever changing technology so that optimum use of the features that roll out each day can be utilized to make the websites more interactive, easy to use and secure.

Microsoft has been the pioneer in the software industry and has rolled out some of the applications that have instantly changed taken the software industry with a storm. ASP.net is one such web application framework that has caught the fancy of developers worldwide. ASP classic was fun to work on and was a huge hit in the market. With the coming of ASP.net developers have found it really simple to transit from windows application development to web development as ASP.net enables them to build pages composed of controls that are very much like Windows user Interface.

All the functions on the web application remain the same as they are on the windows and respond the same way as a code can assign all the properties and easily respond to its events.

ASP.net has the ability wherein a developer can develop applications which are event-driven GUI model. Thus to build websites that can really catch and hold the attention of a visitor are being developed on ASP.net. This framework puts existing technologies into play and uses them for achieving best results. For Example it Javascript is combined with internal components like viewstate” to make the web environment more dynamic.

ASP.net has proved beyond doubt to all its detractors and people who doubted its features that it holds much steam and can change the way web applications are being developed. Its really interesting to note the various features that are rolled out with each launch of such web application frameworks. Keep your fingers crossed and keep watching what is next on the block.