New Corporate Logos Are Warmer and Fuzzier

With the economy in mid-dive how does a corporation get consumers to feel better about buying more stuff? Maybe they also need to make some adjustments to a brand that has taken a few public relations hits. Behold, the warmer fuzzier logo.

“A logo is to a company what a face is to a person. It’s hard to memorize facts about a person when you only know their name but you haven’t seen their face. So logos remind consumers about companies’ traits and pluck at emotions, the glue that ties all the information about the brand name together.”

Despite the reason that our best known corporations may be redesigning their logo, we see a few similarities among the recent redesigns.

Bold, block capital letters are a thing of the past. Using lower case with a softer typeface helps to tone down the voice of corporate authority. Corporations would rather relate to you with an informal chat than they would as the Federal Government does.

“Logos have become less official looking and more conversational. They’re not yelling. They’re inviting. They’re more neighborly.”

Friendly Flourishes

Amazon has been doing this from the beginning and the rest of the crowd is just starting to catch on. It’s about time to make people happy when they think of your company. To accomplish this we’ve seen a trend of adding flourishes to logos. Cheer has added some flair to their image that almost reminds you of clothes blowing in the fresh air just outside the back porch. Have you ever noticed the smile within the Amazon logo? A smile is one of the strongest communication tools, and many spend their entire lives not knowing how to properly use it.

“A smile expresses joy, happiness and friendliness, and offers insight to the inner workings of the mind, such as intentions, emotions, feelings and attitudes, as well as demonstrating warmth, empathy and cooperation.”

Cheer got just a bit cheerier.

Happier Colors

The new logos we’re seeing are using colors like electric blue type with school bus yellow, red, purple, orange and green. Last year the focus was on going green. Everyone and their brother was finding a way to make their product just a bit greener. The green movement hasn’t gone away and we’re also seeing things like leaves sprouting from the corporate name.

So after these millions of dollars have been spent to create new logos, do you feel more connected or is the same same Corporate America wearing a mask?