New Network Marketers?Where Do You Think You’ll Be In 1 Year?

New Network Marketers…Where Do You Think You’ll Be In 1 Year?

So you represent a MLM huh? How is it working out for you? Really, have you achieved what you thought you would, given the hype and promises? I’m a gambling man, and I’ll bet no.

Why do I feel confident enough to bet against many new network marketers? Experience, and what I observe from places like Facebook.

I recently sent personal messages to five people claiming to be part of a company that a $ 25 investment will bring you a residual income of $ 19,000. No disclaimer or anything. Quite a claim!

I was contacted by only one of the five. He asked me for my phone number and I obliged. My one and only question for him was how are they telling new network marketers to promote this business?

He called me and asked if I had seen the video. I told him I had. He then switched gears and told me to hold on while he gets the guy on the phone who answered all his questions…the closer.

This guy gave me all the hype and canned bullcrap I used to use. He finally admitted that they train new network marketers to use places like Facebook as a bulletin board(my words). He also stated that as I should know, MLM is a numbers game, and the more people you get this in front of, the better you will do.

Well, sir MLM is NOT a numbers game. Because of this conversation, I am confident that new network marketers joining companies like this will not be any better off in a year than they are now. In fact, they will be frustrated and disenfranchised.

But, what if new network marketers had a plan like the one I will now share with you.

Consider this. Let me take you back almost one year when I decided to create a second income.

The first thing I did was purchase Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring. This was the thing that finally made me realize why I failed so many times in MLM. It totally changed the way I think about prospecting.

The second thing I did was buy a product called “How To Write An Article In 7 Minutes” by Jason Fladlien. This was the most actionable info product I ever saw.

I immediately put my new mindset and article writing skill to work. My first few articles sucked big time. I didn’t stop. I kept writing. My articles got better. I started a free blog on WordPress. I Would post the article on the blog, Digg it, then submit it to

Literally that’s it. I then learned how to use keywords(probably not how you may think) which started to get my articles ranked number 1 on Google. I was generating TRAFFIC! Targeted traffic!

I joined Jason’s affiliate program which enables others who are referred by you, to also become affiliates. I get paid 10% for everything they sell.

Fast forward almost one year. Right now, I have over 50 articles out there which still get me free targeted traffic. I make sales from that traffic. Not only that, I make between $ 250 and $ 400 per month off my affiliates.

So now I am affiliated with a new MLM company, but how am I different from those new network marketers SPAMMING Facebook?

In one year I…

• Changed my mindset totally

• Learned how to write articles and reports to brand myself

• Learned how to generate leads that costs me nothing more than a monthly hosting fee.

• Have 15 affiliates I make money from

• Pay my second mortgage with the money I make from my affiliates

• Have skills to teach other new network marketers

• Have a system that prospects can actually duplicate.

So who would you join with? SPAMMER X who knows how to make 20 posts a day from an auto post service, and can’t answer a single question about their company? Or, would you join me and learn for free how to duplicate every step without the learning curve I had?

I show you how to not only generate leads for yourself, but also how to monetize your efforts. If you would join me, then email me and I will send you one of Jason’s free reports that is 100% pure badass content! Your time belongs to you. What will you look like in a year?