New technology of intelligent video analysis

From a practical point of view, the current mature video analysis and processing technologies, like border guard, motion detection, text (license plate) recognition, applications and much more focused on the security level of site visitors monitoring and management, property safety, as properly as banks, prisons and other more higher places. With the current things, smart city and other building projects in the nation flourished, monitoring systems are getting into the era of massive amounts of data, to boost efficiency and company worth of video resources, we must use a lot more advanced intelligent video evaluation technology for in-depth the video information mining, detection and management. No matter whether classic security units, or commercial application places, all of the intelligent video analysis technologies generated a lot of demand. At present, the development of intelligent video analysis program has produced great progress, but because of the complexity of its personal study,producing diverse research techniques and tools, algorithms, higher complexity and restricted scope, there is no universality, accuracy, speed meets common approach of demand. Networking and distributed processing specifications of video surveillance systems, as effectively as restrictions on massive-scale project installation cost, size and energy consumption, producing the computing energy and bandwidth are rising in embedded processors turn into the mainstream option of video surveillance systems . In this trend, at this stage of the development of intelligent video analysis technologies concentrate is to increase the algorithm level, reducing the false good price, with more price-successful processor platform, curing algorithms to hardware accelerator, leaving the processor MIPS to be more flexible software for operation, thereby enhancing the reliability and usefulness of intelligent video analysis and processing.
All along, intelligent video evaluation and processing are generally based on the DSP chip architectures below the front or the back-finish platform for surveillance cameras, and now is moving in the path of the ARM hardware platform evolution. Positive aspects of ARM embedded system is low power consumption, the cost of equipment applications are cheaper, with the ARM embedded device applications industry share enhanced year by year, the complete business chain has essentially taken shape, a growing quantity of safety vendors began utilizing ARM processor improvement of new video surveillance camera merchandise. Of course, to carry out a selection of complex video evaluation algorithms on a single ARM platform, its tough to picture. Intelligent video analysis to use a lot of CPU sources, but simply because of their require to deal with a lot of work currently, which tends to make the identical ARM platform is typically hard to supply enough space for the operation of intelligent video algorithms, in order to obtain fluency in the ARM platform, correct video it is challenging analysis. The way to solve this issue is nevertheless the further optimization of video evaluation algorithms. Presently intelligent video evaluation technologies development concentrate lies on how you can reduce the interference of the video screen to improve the accuracy of identification systems analysis.
In addition to the special evaluation and processing for the video information for intelligent analysis and processing sound far more and more people’s consideration. In the past, surveillance cameras is received with the pickup by detecting no matter whether the audio signal reaches the threshold worth to commence the alarm mode. These days, users want to be in a position to carry out a more refined sound judgment, extracted from the audio signal in the hazardous characteristic, and integrate with video surveillance, early warning and enhance the all round capacity of the program. If intelligent video evaluation is intelligent monitoring ‘eye’, then intelligent audio analysis is intelligent monitoring ‘ears’. Intelligent video surveillance total resolution sound intelligent voice processing solutions will be integrated into HD network camera options, in addition to the classic definition monitor, the method can identify and locate remote sound monitoring and feature recognition, and intelligent sound source. Making use of this technologies, intelligent monitoring method to capture ambient sounds, when unexpected events occur, the plan analyzes the sound supply can be identified and implemented to determine the orientation, the main platform for the integration of the camera, the camera may want to be automatically converted to the sound source direction and angle monitoring. In the positioning of the smart sound source is simulated making use of two human binaural microphone function arrival time distinction in between the effects of different microphone primarily based on the sound, the sound supply localization is achieved. In the course of an evaluation of the voice recognition, the most significant difficulty comes from how effectively the background noise suppression, boost the accuracy of the voice feature extraction. The noise may sound indoor atmosphere such as noise fan, air conditioning issue, as well as outside construction websites mixer, on the road automobile created by the major task of the method is possible to decrease the impact of noise arising from the above, which accurately extract the broken glass, young children crying, and so the threat of a sound signal, and quickly turned the camera monitoring system.
Metallica: Spit Out the Bone (Official Music Video)

From the album “Hardwired…To Self-Destruct” obtainable everywhere on November 18.

Directed by Phil Mucci

Mindy Kelly – Mindy
Ian Mackay – Max
Techno Monks – Chris Jai Alex, Gene Freeman, Will Greenburg, John Nania, Sam Tan
Phil Mucci – Poor Bastard Who Gets Zapped

Developed by Phil Mucci and Ian Mackay
Associate Producer – Dan Simpson
Visual FX and Quit-Motion – Diabolik
Animated Sequences – Adam Avilla

Cinematographer – Jeff Speed
Costume Designer – Jenny Luna
Hair & Makeup – Yadira Lopez
Specific FX Makeup – Sioux Sinclair
Art Director – Amanda Graeff
Stunt Coordinator – Mindy Kelly and John Nania

Custom Props by The Rot Shop, Chicago
‘Brain Drain’ Chair – Brant Mccrea
Sentry Orb & Surgical Props – Ryan Oliver
Face Model – Nicole Picou
Added Painting – Cassandra Knox
Further Fabrication – David Wimsatt, Jim Moore, Jeff Kuhnie, James Kimball

1st AC – Chris Speed
Crucial Grip – Adrian Rozas
Costume Assistant – Alexander Logan
Production Assistant – Daniel Graeff

© 2016 Blackened Recordings

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