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Beijing Amethyst Video Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a based on the optical and electrical industries, and adhere to the road of independent research and development high-tech enterprise. Committed to long-range laser night vision technology

Video Surveillance Field development, application and promotion. Now has night vision distance at 300 meters, 500 meters, 800 meters, 1200 meters, 1500 meters, 2000 meters and a series of laser night vision

Product . Provides enterprise: Video Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Amethyst

GLN-811880E one long-range laser night vision machine

Main features: 1, double Detector Design Dual detector camera system used in the infrared band for a special coating treatment to ensure the bands in the visible and infrared light transmission of the high. According to the user’s actual needs or environmental monitoring requirements at the same time with 2 or more cameras connected to achieve color camera, black and white camera and light through the fog and the camera’s optional.

2, the video detector automatically switches:

System can change according to environmental light intensity automatically select the color and black and white camera work. Black and white camera work status and working conditions of laser illumination device synchronization, to achieve all-weather, day and black and white color at night time monitoring. Laser lighting device can be remotely forced open.

3, black and white infrared camera and a laser light source working condition synchronization

Common color to black (color to black and white) cameras influenced by the surrounding stray light due to color to black camera mode is switched filter imaging, the color turns black and the camera has its own focus, compared to the professional color or black and white camera effects worse. Also when the laser lighting conditions sufficient color to black camera will mistake it for the day, it will automatically be converted to color state, the color does not sense infrared light. Returned to black and white state. So the cycle will lead to imaging. GLN laser night vision systems use dual-detector system to avoid the above problems.

4, adjustable spot lighting Specially designed lighting optical system, remote real-time spot on the lighting angle and the light irradiation intensity of exposure adjustments to achieve a large field of view at close range and long-distance spot lighting spot lighting, Small Field was no small blind night vision.

5, the optical axis stability Axis trim system can guarantee that the process of imaging systems in the entire zoom images with consistent lighting systems, spot no deviation or beat.

6, important parts specially treated to ensure its service life

Laser sealed in vacuum under nitrogen filling, working state, also considered cooling and air-cooled cooling, a strong guarantee the life of the laser.

7, unique details of the deal

Shields to protect the glass in addition to multi-layer coating visible light epidural, but also increase the infrared band of the multi-layer coating dura mater, to ensure the system through the night and fog effects. Machine guard attached heat sink, ensuring long-term stability of laser work. Can be customized according to geography and climate special thermostat system.

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