Newborn Baby Settling Tips and Hints

Here are some tips on settling your baby and some baby advice that is easy to implement.

1. Cheap nappies

Some nappies vary in quality; some cheaper ones don’t seem to hold the moisture as well. If you find you, have a pack or two of lower quality nappies, instead of wasting them use them up during the day or give them to friends or grandparents to keep at their house as spares for when you visit. Then use the better quality ones at night time for a more comfortable “no leek” sleep.

2. For wind go cycling

If you think your baby may have a tummy ache or wind lay your baby on their back and cycle their legs, like riding a bike. Rubbing their tummy may help as well.  This is also good for developing their motr skills.

3. Temple Massage

Done nice and gently this can help relax the baby and send them to sleep. Also try rubbing babies hand or cheek.

4. Try different brands of formula only if baby is unsettled

If baby is unsettled most of the time, (and ruling out medical problems) then a change of formula might do the trick. Sometimes the formula you have chosen for your bubs may not agree with them. Once you find a brand that agrees with bubs, then it is better to stick with the same brand. Don’t change too often.

5. Head shape?

Babies when sleeping on their back can favor turning their head to one side. This can cause flat spots on the head, especially when they are new born. The nurse or health sister will normally point this out. By moving the basinet or crib around the room it encourages bubs to look around more and not just face the one way, therefore keeping the head well shaped. By placing a ribbon or toy on the side of the crib / bassinet you want them to turn their head to, may also help. (Always think safety when putting any object in with baby.)

If you can not move the crib or bassinet try using a rolled towel or material nappy under the mattress to slightly slant the mattress to encourage him/her to favor turning the head to other side.

6. That smells nice!

There are a range of essential oils available, some may help baby relax or sleep, but not every oil is suitable for babies. Numerous books on the subject of aromatherapy can help fill you in on the safe ones, or talk to your local heath food shop, chemist or aroma therapists.

Lavender seems to be a popular essential oil that is said to be calming for bubs and may help them go to sleep, if that doesn’t work at least the house will smell nice!

The essential oils can be used in a candle, as a spray or a few drops on the blankets, or even mixed with a carrier oil to use for baby massage. Some burners you can even plug into the power point and it slowly releases the scent. Obviously, if using open flame oil burners do not put them in your baby’s room or leave them unattended.