Nexus S Affordable Product With Quality Features

The Samsung Nexus S is a joint-venture from to be giants of consumer products. While Samsung is the world leader in consumer electronics, Google is the world leader in the Internet. They both have combined together to make this new phone that will be the replacement model for the Google nexus one, which has been branded as a flop by many. Google is the kind of a company that does not settle for second place never mind the last. Hence, it has teamed up with the best in business to bring out the Samsung nexus S.

It rectifies a number of mistakes that were made in the previous model and it is also not afraid to be revolutionary, despite the earlier model being a flop. The revolutionary aspect of the phone can be clearly seen in the curved touch screen display. According to reports, the curved display brings out the best in the phones call making and receiving functionalities. This is done because the curved display improves the contact area between the phone and the ear. Hence, what you sees is a phone that is oriented towards user friendliness rather than anything else. The 4 inch display is very good and you will be surprised to know that it is the same display that does its job in the Samsung Galaxy S.

Samsung has not made too much of a fuss about taking a touch screen display from one of its successful models and putting it into the latest product. After all, why mend it if it isn’t broken. However, this is not the kind of approach that is seen in other parts of the phone since they are entirely new and contemporary. It may still look like the normal Samsung phone, but in truth, it has a certain presence that is undeniably brought about by Google’s presence. DLNA is an important connectivity feature that makes its entry into the Samsung nexus S and it is a connectivity feature that will be welcomed by most people.

It makes life easier by letting you transfer all your files wirelessly to any entertainment device like a HDTV for example. The phone has Flash support and this lets you enjoy all the web pages in their full glory. This also means that you need not have a separate YouTube player for viewing the YouTube videos. Instead, you can use the phones default browser itself for viewing it. The phone has a five megapixel camera like the one seen in the Samsung Galaxy S and it has features like autofocus, LED flash and touch focus to bring out the best possible images using the minimal effort. A 1500 mAh battery does its job in the Samsung Nexus S and it is reported that this battery can offer up to 7 hours of talk time in the 3G mode, which is nothing less than spectacular. The phone is feature rich and hence, it commands a price tag of 429 in the United Kingdom.