Nightcam 2, An Infrared Webcam

Sandberg NightCam 2allows you by means of infrared film, take pictures or have video even in total darkness.We have tested how well this affordable web-camera work in practice.
Were it not for six insect-like eyes small LED on the front of the camera had Sandberg NightCam 2not been different than regular web cameras do.But as the name implies, this is a webcamdesigned for use in the dark, something that we, after a time of testing can confirm works surprisingly well.
The installation of the webcam is easy with those on a CD supplied drivers.The software is not approved for Windows Vista, but still works flawlessly to use on computers that use the Windows version.The disc contains the drivers also go beyond a simple program that allows you to record movies with the camera.
With a1.3 megapixel image sensor, this means that the camera is capable of taking images at a resolution of 1280 x 960 dots.This resolution, you may forget to record moving images because image update rate at resolutions higher than 800 x 600 seems too tough, at least on our test machine.
The lens is able to focus on objects that are two inches or farther away from it and you set yourself into focus by manually rotating the camera lens.Manufacturers have also been kind enough to send with a single lens shield of plastic with a camera.The camera itselfgives a solid impressionand is made of a metallic material.It is located on a plastic foot that can be set on your desk or clamp down on the screen.
Since the camera is designed tocapture light from the infrared spectrum, this means that the camera captures the colors in normal daylight becomes very distorted.Should you have any balance on the camera in bright conditions, you should set the image black and white among the settings.
The camera is therefore primarily intended for use in dark conditions and thiscamera actually works surprisingly well.As long as you have the slightest light, it can be enough light from street lamps outside the window, handle the camera properly to show what is happening in a room that otherwise is completely extinguished.In total darkness camera also works fine, but preferably with the one you want to capture images within a reasonable distance.The six small lights on the camera is namely infrared light sources.
In conclusion, this is acamera that is ideal if you want any kind of surveillance camerainside connected to your computer or if you want a supplement to the webcam that you use in normal daylight.Price ofSandberg NightCam 2is also very affordable, withPricerunneris the camera to find fromjust over SEK 250and up.
Example The picture below was taken in total darkness.
Facts about Sandberg NightCam 2:

6 infrared LEDs
1.3 megapixels (max 1280 x 960 in resolution)
24-bit color
Auto white balance and exposure
Price: From SEK 255 and up

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