Nike public relations manager

As Converse Europe, Middle East and Africa vice president and general manager, Haitink Converse will be responsible for markets outside the UK business, international senior vice president of Converse Nick Stowe responsible. In the past five years, Haitink has been responsible for and to promote strong growth in the Greater China market, the Nike company to become worthy of the name of the region’s market leader. Period, Haitink led the nike air max team in the Beijing Olympic Games a success, and establish a Nike brand in China, strengthen ties with customers and improve and expand the Nike retail business. This is more than 15 years, he has been playing for Nike, Inc., held various senior leadership positions, including general manager of Nike in Mexico and Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa business leader.

Elliott Hill is an experienced leader in the pursuit of efficiency, he will take over leadership of Nike Cheek North American business. Previously, Hill served as Nike Vice President of Global Retail, responsible for Nike’s direct business growth and innovation potential. Under his leadership, the Nike company in a challenging market, continue to promote the brand value growth and enhance competitiveness. Fighting side by side with Nike for more than 22 years, the company worldwide sales, product and retail institutions held various senior positions in the. As the North America vice president and general manager of the new position, Hill will be responsible for Global Operations President Gary DeStefano.

Global Operations Gary DeStefano, president, said: “Willem Haitink leading Nike’s Greater China business has strong growth, now we look forward to under the leadership of Craig Cheek, Nike can continue in this important market momentum. Craig will lead the We continue to move forward and achieve our 2015 goal of doubling the performance of air max 24-7 China. Our rock-solid brand position in North America, Elliott Hill will continue to enhance Nike’s leadership in the region. Hill has a rich experience, in his guidance, the company will focus on the product range, enhancing the retail experience for all sales channels in order to continue to strengthen ties with consumers.

Nike announced major Beijing September 21, according to Taiwan’s “United Evening News” reported that Chinese players Lin Shuhao Golden State Warriors have decided to work with Nike, Inc. (Taiwan branch) signed an endorsement agreement, the new season, the Asian Guard boarded the stadium will be wearing Nike shoes.

Chen Wei Ying Nike public relations manager, said at the end of August the air max 90 company has completed a contract with Lin Shuhao, as the amount and duration of the contract, shall not be disclosed due to confidentiality clauses. The company has planned well, will return to Taiwan next summer, please Lin Shuhao as special guests.