Ningbo: Eguchi Kitchen Accessories Difficulties Breakthrough

a continuously test a low curve, starting from April this year, anti-stabilized rushed on, was “V” shaped movements. This shows that the kitchen Jiangkou Street, Fenghua Fitting Industry in decline after 7 months after the start out of the woods. Kitchen accessories industry

estuary started in 90s of last century, after ten years of development, kitchen and bathroom fittings company has 120, annual production value of more than 2 billion yuan, becoming a big advantage Fenghua cluster industries, the Chinese in 2005 Hardware Association named as China’s industrial base of kitchen and bathroom accessories.

Since late last year, the domestic kitchen and bathroom accessories manufacturing industry in general suffered “cold”, sales downturn. The face of adverse conditions, Eguchi kitchen accessories business in accordance with the “integration of resources, Baotuan cooperation across development” ideas, and achieve the industrial transformation and upgrading.

R & D of “crises” as a “machine”

White represents cold water, blue for warm water, red for hot water, along with changes in water temperature, flow out of the water also will show different colors. This set Energy , Lighting, entertainment and visual enjoyment as one of “light showers” tap, recently held in Shanghai China International Exhibition for Kitchen & Bath aroused great interest of visitors, there are customers, with orders on the spot.

“Light showers” water taps, kitchen accessories business is the estuary of “leader”?? Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. newly developed products. Prior to 2002, Ao Leishi just a tap processing enterprises in the following years, the company invested nearly two million yuan each year for scientific research, engineering research kitchen set up R & D Center, set up R & D team to improve the backward production technology. So far, more than 70 items of national patent applications, successfully achieved 28 countries Aolei Shi trademark registration overseas. Last year, the realization of Sell Income of 150 million yuan.

And “Aolei Shi”, like many kitchen accessories businesses rely on estuary independent innovation, and for others to do the wedding dress from the brand’s magnificent turn. So far, 31 enterprises have created a self-owned brand and has 200 patents to develop new products each year more than 100.

” Financial Crisis caused by decreased production orders, we just draw more attention in product development, competition in good stead in the next step. “Ningbo Wuling Appliance Co., Ltd general manager Zhou Jian Da remarks on behalf of many business owners think. This year, the estuary of the innovative R & D kitchen and enterprises to speed up the pace. The first 5 months of 6000 kitchen and businesses to invest in technology upgradation fund million, an increase of 25% a year.

Large Liquid crystal screen Screen, micro-processor control, motor automatic manual dual-energy measurement, ultrasonic insect world … … Fenghua Sheng developed smart kitchen products factory steel rice box, break the Middle East, Europe and the United States and other markets; An excellent development of two-Autumn Kitchen Disinfection cabinet , Lifting disinfecting cabinet and embedded self-cleaning oven, attracted national top companies in Europe to send the hand; An Tong Machinery Co., Ltd. R & D of high-temperature steam furnace by sealed cooking, not heating up fast and maintain the original flavor of the same food, nutrients from destruction, one shot in the market this year is expected to sell 5 million units to achieve … … in the China International Exhibition for Kitchen & Bath, kitchen accessories business Baotuan Jiangkou exhibitors, 12 series 398 kinds of products to more than 300 million yuan olive orders.

Direct Marketing “skillfully deflected”

“The more difficult the key to survival in the enterprise, the Government should be more decisive shot, play a ‘visible hand’.” Eguchi Street Party Work Committee, Hu Rong said.

Earlier this year, the street the situation and decided to build pioneering new platform for the enterprise, and guide 10 key enterprises invested 2.6 million yuan registered Eguchi kitchen Development Co., Ltd., the streets in three years, five million yuan from the financial arrangements of the special funds to start the implementation of the three years, double the industry plan. Street also with the United States Home International Home Expo Park settled estuary this opportunity to set up in the market area of 10000 square meters business, “Eguchi Kitchen Direct Marketing”, for access to direct marketing companies Jiangkou kitchen booth fee in full subsidy for the year, second year and booth fees, subsidies for three years 50% and 30%, and the establishment of business areas in the direct sales market for the admission of the kitchen accessories company did not provide new exhibitions, product launches of the stage.