Ningbo Smart Home Expo Forum In The “show Smart” – Hc Network Security Industry

HC intelligent home network Remote control using a mobile phone in the office air-conditioning and electric rice cooker at home, home in a cool environment you can eat delicious food; a stranger entered, it will remind cell phone and home video you can see … … this intelligent home Ningbo appear in it! At the upcoming Shanghai World Expo, “Information and the City” forum, smart home project information as ten key projects in our city, will feature domestic and foreign guests to the exhibition and demonstration. Select the two northern city Kotomori Tianshui home residents and a household as representatives of the show, guests can go to the three people on site to observe high-tech, user-friendly smart home life.

Insight into the home through the phone every move

Reporters yesterday in Jiangbei district north Kotomori Ms. Chu has some smart home field experience to bring the convenience of home life.

After taking a seat, Ms. Chu made the first one with a cell phone text messages, air conditioning will open. Then she opened the TV with a cell phone, opened the curtain, operating freely.

Time, a man appeared at the door, shaking up the phone, Ms. Chu, that person’s picture appears on the screen. Meanwhile, the district security contact is also sent me a text message. Ms. Chu operation command every success, there will be messages sent to mobile phones.

Original, Ms. Chu infrared curtain sensor installed at home. When outsiders trespassing, infrared curtain sensor will be triggered, send warning signals to the system in time, the system immediately sends SMS or MMS, make calls to the user’s mobile phone or on-site sound and light alarm.

“Since the home equipped with the smart home system, the family’s every move can be controlled via mobile phone, very convenient.” Ms. Chu said that the smart home, home is packed this year in March, brought to life after the installation to a great convenience, mainly in security and remote control home appliances on. The security on the go and simply click the remote control, home security system will start automatically. The unit to work at home if you do not worry, you can phone home to see surveillance video. If the foreigners entered the home security system will alarm.

Cell phones and television can also be remote control curtains, turn off the lights if out forgotten, also by phone closed. If the home has gas leak or fire occurs, then the gas leak alarm, smoke detectors will send alarm signals to the system in time, the system will immediately respond to alarms.

Mysterious phone cards posted on a layer of “film”

“My phone card has a built-in module.” Ms. Chu said as he read out phone cards to reporters. The reporters found her cell phone cards a film posted on the same thing.

“Appliance outlet is set up the module is smart socket, so as to be easily controlled.” Ms. Chu said that an intelligent socket to more than 100 yuan, Ningbo, the market has sold. BOLA TANGKAS