Nintendo DSi – Cleaning and Caring

You all love your Nintendo DSi’s. Why not take some simple steps to take care of it so that it lasts year after year? Also, when its time to sell your DSi, why not take the time now to keep it looking like new so that you can get the most money out of it?

The Nintendo DSi is pretty durable to start with. Its entire design keeps the screens and controls protected while you are not playing it. There are, however, other risks and things that you should consider. This guide will teach you the basics of caring for your Nintendo DSi. You will learn methods to keep your DSi screens perfect, keep your exterior finish looking fresh, and some other tips.

You can prevent damage to your DSi by purchasing some great accessories. The first element of defense are screen protectors. The screen’s, especially the touch screen, are very expensive to replace if you scratch or damage them. One way to prevent scratching is with screen protectors.

Screen protectors can be found at almost any major retailer that sells gaming accessories, including Wal Mart, Best Buy,, Target, etc. Many manufacturers offer screen protectors. One of the most respected brands is HORI. A basic HORI screen protection kit can be found for around $ 7.

You can reduce the risk of damage to your DSi by purchasing a case/shell. Cases come in many colors and types. Plastic cases are a popular choice. These types of cases are very durable because they are made out of a hard plastic material. They snap on to your DSi and still allow you to open and close the hinge freely. They also have pre cut holes for all of the connections, including holes for the camera’s.

The two types of cases we have mentioned so far protect your DSi when you are playing it. There are other types of cases that you can store your DSi in to protect it when you are not using it. One popular product is a system wallet that can hold your DSi and several games. Other types of storage cases/bags exist, but here are pictures of a few examples that can be found at major retailers:

Another important aspect of taking care of your Nintendo DSi is cleaning. You want to keep your DSi nice and clean to prevent any kind of damage, sticky buttons, smudges, etc. Since the DSi is a handheld grease and oil from your hands can easily make your nice clean DSi a mess.

I recommend that after each session you wipe down your DSi with a soft cloth or an electronically safe cleaner, such as monitor wipes. Making this step a habit will not let dirt or oil build up over time and it will keep your DSi fresh and clean.

One issue with the DSi is when dirt gets down in the screen edges/border or the controls. I do not recommend trying to pick at it because you will scratch your screen. Instead, use either a soft cotton swab or canned air to get the dirt out.

The same goes for the hinge area. Try using a cotton swab or canned air to blow away the dirt and follow that step with wiping down your entire DSi to get it nice and clean.

There are many things you will have to consider when caring for your DSi. Following this basic guide will help you make your DSi last years. Here is some other tips and information to consider:

Some of the things I have mentioned are cotton swabs and canned air. You can find both of those products at your local Wal-mart, Target, etc. You can usually find monitor wipes there too, or check out Best Buy or other electronics stores.

If you use a case for your DSi consider removing it periodically to clean under it. Dirt will get trapped under your case over time and you need to remove it.

Be very careful when cleaning around the camera lenses. Any scratch or break will distort the image’s and ruin your DSi. Gently wipe the lenses down with a cotton swap or soft cloth.

Never apply more pressure to wipe down your DSi than you would to rub your eye with your finger. The point of cleaning and taking care of your DSi is to prevent damage, not to cause it!