Nintendo Wii – To Buy Or Not to Buy

The Nintendo Wii has rocked the gaming console world ever since it was released back November 2006. With it’s innovative controls it became easy for anyone to pick up the WiiMote and start playing. Suddenly it wasn’t just the geeky nerds that were playing video games, everybody was! People, all ages became addicted to the Wii System Console.

The reason for this popularity is mainly because of the WiiMote controller. Instead of the old fashion pushing of a button of moving a joystick people now had a wireless, motions sensing controller which detected their every twist, twirl, swing or whatever you can imagine. This opened up a whole new world of video games.

The Wii System Console main menu also offers the purchase of so called VC (Virtual Console) games through the Wii Shop Channel. The VC games are emulations of old video games released years ago on the old consoles like NES, Sega Mega, Commodore 64, Neo Geo and many others. The price on the VC games is anywhere from $ 5-$ 12 depending on the console and demand for games.

The Nintendo Wii System Console is the single most popular console on the market today (not including the handheld systems) and has been ever since it was launched. It was actually hard for people to find a Wii to buy because of huge demand.

The Wii was released in the US on the 19th of November 2006, Europe and Japan however didn’t get their copy until 7-8th of December same year. On Mach the 25th 2009 we got confirmation from Nintendo headquarters that the Nintendo Wii System Console has reached yet another milestone, worldwide sales for the console had just reached 50.000.000 copies. That is almost more that the top 2 competitors, PS3 and Xbox 360 combined!

If you are still deciding whether or not to grab a Wii to buy for yourself or even your kids, I say this: “Look at the numbers! With that many sold copies they must be doing something right.”