Nissan Micra Diesel Will Go Head To Head With Maruti Swift Diesel

The Nissan Micra diesel version is going to be launched soon in the Indian auto market as confirmed by the Nissan Motors. The diesel version seems like an odd but great sound to all car enthusiasts especially that Nissan Micra is a very successful car model. The booking for the hatchback car has started and this month marks its unveiling. The expected price range will be Rs 4.5 lakhs.
If many would remember, about five months ago, the company launched the petrol version of the car and this has made a lot of fan following and now, to even get a better slice or the upper hand of the market, the company also released the diesel version of the hatchback. This baby from the Japanese car manufacturer, Nissan Micra diesel is also seen to give a tight competition to the key player in the market- Maruti Swift diesel version.
The prototype of the hatchback Nissan Micra diesel version is being showcased at an auto exhibition in the country. The car is fully equipped with 1.5 liter DCI generating a peak power of 63 bhp and 16.3 kg of torque. It will also be loaded with the same engine of Mahindra Logan and the diesel hatchback will be introduced in two versions in the Nissan Micra Diesel XV and Nissan Micra XV Premium.
On the other end, the key rival of Nissan Micra, Maruti Swift diesel version comes with 1.3 liter DDIS power train with displacement of 1248 cc. This hatchback from the Indian czar is loaded with intercooler turbocharger which also comes with clear emissions and efficient combustion. The diesel version of Maruti Swift is available at the price of Rs 4,05,341 to Rs 5,39,928. The diesel hatchback from Maruti India is known for fuel efficiency and great performance.
The Maruti Swift is already an established car as far as the Indian domestic market is concerned and it has been backed by Indias most trusted and popular brand. On the other end, the Japanese car makers have been looking forward to plunge in the diesel hatchback segment for a very long time. India is a market that has huge potential for diesel cars while Nissan Micra already introduced the petrol version. The only measure of which one would be more successful is seeing what car model would be able to lure customers into purchasing.