Nivea No Cellulite – A Guide to Essential Smooth Skin Solutions

Nivea No Cellulite

Everyday care for your face

Nature may have blessed you with features worthy of a Michelangelo, but the gift has no effect if you fail to care for your complexion. Every face needs a daily beauty routine that includes proper, careful cleansing, genuine protection against sun and wind, and healthy nourishment. Nivea No Cellulite

Some of the best-known and trusted drugstore brands will serve you well: Neutrogena, Aveeno, and Nivea still dominate their competition, providing wise consumers with hypo-allergenic cleansers, toners, and moisturizers safe and effective on all kinds of skin. If you have acne-prone skin, try Biore products, which penetrate deep into pores, breaking down the mix of dirt and oils that cause blemishes, and look for products that contain both alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids. Most over-the-counter products will disinfect without harming sensitive skin.

Most of all, make sure you protect your face with sunscreen. Use moisturizer with at least SPF 20; SPF 40 protects even more effectively. And make sure you reapply your moisturizer several times during the day. High-quality foundations also have SPF, supplementing the protection and nutrients you get from your moisturizers.

Everyday care for your body

Your all-over skin, the biggest part of your immune system, endures a great deal of wear and tear as it protects you from injury, disease, and environmental hazards of all kinds. Although Nature designed and built the skin on your shoulders, arms, and legs to withstand this abuse, it also deserves extra care and cleansing.

If you have normal skin, use powerful exfoliants to scour away dead and damaged skin cells, and use lotions and oils rich in essential botanicals. You probably use aloe to soothe sun-damaged skin. Use aloe vera gel or oil all year long to give your skin the nutrients it craves. Avocado and coconut oils also smooth, soften, and nourish hard-working skin, especially when your fortify them with anti-oxidants like lavender and chamomile, and enrich them with super-nutirents like oatmeal. For a sunny glow all year long, try one of the next-generation tanning moisturizers, which really and truly do not turn you orange. Nivea No Cellulite

Pay special attention to your always-rough spots-heels, knees, and elbows. Lavish on extra moisturizer. And pay similarly special attention to your “cottage-cheesy” spots, where cellulite develops no matter how fit you are. Next generation anti-cellulite products have both common sense and science on the side, because their manufacturers wisely have tested them in double-blind clinical tests. The results show they really work; in most cases, they reduce cellulite approximately 30%…at least one denim size.

A few especially tough problems

Chronic acne, in-grown hairs, and warts may respond to over-the-counter treatments; but drugstore remedies typically do not provide the relief or results you need, and they often are dangerous or difficult to apply. Ask your physician or dermatologist for suggestions or a prescription; especially ask the professionals how to avoid the problems in the future.

To avoid in-grown hairs, get in the habit of using a scrubber or loofah on areas of your body you regularly shave or wax. Right after you depilate, use a good toner, keeping pores perfectly open and clear. Then, liberally moisturize your freshly waxed or shaved skin, but do not use a product that contains wax or silicone. To avoid warts, wear flip-flops in places where the wart-causing virus way thrive-the gym, locker rooms, yoga studio, and every other place subject to heavy traffic from bare feet. Nivea No Cellulite