NLP Techniques The Making Of Business Leaders

NLP or neuro-linguistic programming is a set of tools based on modelling successful people in all walks of life and has been around since 1976. The central concept is based on our language and behaviour developing from our world experiences and perceptions. Language and communication skills are fundamental for leaders. After years of modelling great communicators NLP builds significant skills sets in this area and they can all be learned. By learning and training in NLP great gains can be made in communication, image, and role in the world.

The business world is full of people wanting to:

• be noticed by the boss,

• make clients and customers come back for more

• get the right quality, price and delivery from their suppliers

• motivate their teams to go the extra mile

Effective communications is the key to many challenges in the corporate environment. And a good NLP practitioner course is the answer to building this skill set.

NLP techniques can help increase effectiveness in workers, communicators, and most importantly, leaders in a variety of ways. One of the key areas of NLP is the building of rapport. It is a skill that in its simplest form involves matching, the language and behaviours of those your are in contact with. Rapport is well known in the business community but imagine adding hypnotic language and unconscious persuasion techniques to the mix. All of a sudden you will find sales staff and key account managers dramatically improving their sales and client relationships. NLP is also shown to be effective as an internal communication device. Managers can communicate clearly with staff thus improving motivation, productivity and the work environment.

Despite neuro linguistic programming being a tool used in the mental health profession as a therapy, the police service and intelligence agencies since the seventies, NLP is relatively new in the business world. NLP programmes are starting to be used to improve communication internally between staff as well as externally to improve sales and customer service. Many programmes are now included as part of management and leadership development.

Other uses for NLP in the business world would include preparing companies for organisational changes, developing marketing techniques, customer service and recruiting.

Rintu Basu, a developer, trainer and master practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis, has provided proven results for many large companies throughout Great Britain. He provides Certified NLP Practitioner training courses as well as bespoke training and coaching programs tailor-made to fit business needs.

More ideas about building rapport with NLP and business leadership development. can be found on the website. BOLA TANGKAS