No Carb Diets – Myths Behind Going “No Carb”

One of the fads out there today when it comes to weight loss is no carb diets. These are diets where carbs are totally cut out of the diet. Many women are trying to lose weight with these diets. Of course what many people don’t realize is that there are many myths behind these diets. Before you decide that one of these diets is for you, here is a look at the myths behind going “no carb” that you need to know the truth about.

Myth #1 – You Don’t Need Carbs – One of the big myths about no carb diets is that you really don’t need carbs. Many people behind these diets try to say that the body doesn’t need to have carbohydrates. This is a big myth. The body actually does need to have carbohydrates. They are important for energy and important to your brain function as well. Not eating enough carbs can start to have negative effects of your body over time.

Myth #2 – It’s a Healthy Way to Eat for Life – Another myth behind going “no carb” is that it is a healthy way that you can eat for life. Once again, this is only a myth. Not only is this an unhealthy pattern of eating to have long term, but it is almost impossible to go without carbs for the rest of your life. Over time your body will begin to suffer and more than likely you will go back to eating carbs. This can result in weight gain because this is not a healthy way to lose weight.

Myth #3 – No Cravings on This Diet – Many people try to say that you won’t have any cravings while you are on no carb diets. This is not the case. When you are deprived of anything that the body needs, you are going to start craving it. The body does need to have some carbs and if you totally eliminate all carbs from your diet, you’ll actually end up craving carbs more than ever before.

Myth #4 – You’ll Keep the Weight Off – The idea that you’ll keep the weight off for good that you lose on no carb diets is also a myth. Once you start eating carbs again, you will gain back some of the weight. This is why diets that eliminate all carbs don’t work. You will gain back the weight, which is not healthy for you and then you’ll have to lose it all over again.

Eating low carb can help you to lose weight but some of the no carb diets out there are not healthy and won’t give you the weight loss results long term that you want. Sure, you may lose fast in the beginning, but it is not a diet that you can adopt for life. Carbs are needed for proper operation of you body. So, you are better off to look for a diet that is low carb instead of totally eliminating all carbs from your diet.