Nokia C7 – An Accomplished Cameraphone Thanks To Its 8 Megapixel Offering

Nokia has not long ago unveiled undoubtedly one of their most notable Smartphones thus far, the C7. Utilizing impressive characteristics which include the 3.5 ” touchscreen display, the eight mp video camera along with lots of internal storage space, this is the Smart phone that ticks the boxes and has generated a buzz following its release date.



Measuring up at 117.3x 56.8x 10.5 millimetres & coming in at a mere 130 grams, the device is slim-line and light-weight so that it is pocket sized and also a pleasure to hold and work with when out and about. The impressive 3.5 ” AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display offers the power to exhibit as many as 16 million shades with a pixel arrangement of 360x 640. This in turn ends up with fantastic quality display of on-screen content, which can be even further increased by way of a built-in accelerometer sensor.



A full eight Gigabyte of internal memory is available as standard within the Nokia C7. Despite being ample itself, more memory space can be made available by simply using the integrated micro SD card slot. This can easily allow for a SD card all the way to 32 Gigabyte that will certainly serve the requirements of almost all owners.



Class 32 versions of both EDGE as well as GPRS supply the Nokia C7 with the connection to mobile phone networks when ever on the move. In locations with 3G coverage, a HSDPA connection provides on line access, offering downloads all the way to 10.2 Mb per second (in addition to HSUPA at 2 Mb per second). An enhanced connection to the web is made available however, as a result of full Wi-Fi compatibility that can take benefit from localized Wireless routers when offered. The well-rounded selection of connection attributes is completed with micro USB & BlueTooth connectivity.



One of the more exciting components of the hard ware belonging to the Nokia C7 is certainly the exceptional eight mp video camera. As a result of the substantial functioning pixel res at 3264x 2448 pixels, the resulting still photos are generally of a good quality, especially as a result of a selection of integrated photo tweaking options. Needless to say, a camera system of this high spec will of course record video, and it is at no less than 720p Hi-def quality at twenty five fps.



The OS of choice is Symbian ^3 OS, the very same OS implemented within the recently introduced Nokia N8. Together with a powerful 680 Megahertz processer, an enjoyable and super quick user experience is guaranteed.



A lot of important features are included out of the box providing to both multi-media and also work productivity demands. For sale in a variety of various colour schemes, the Nokia C7 seems set to be a popular phone.