Nokia Designs For Young and Aged Groups

In the fierce battle for phone lovers, Nokia has been proudly distinguishing itself by figuring out the market segments.

Cell phone manufacturers compete for youth with top-end mobiles. Convergence is a word getting around fast in technology. Nokia N-96 goes with it for young users. The top-end mobile space has been getting crowded with new entrants trying to justify it’s worth the price.

“It’s no bother to take with you a gadget than taking with you an MP4, camera and even a laptop. Nokia N-96 holds a pre-loaded movie with 50 videos, short-cut keys for music and others. Customers would find it awesome to have one gadget with all the functions,” said Indrajit Singh.

Besides, Nokia focuses on the young generation with N78 mobile. Nokia provided its ‘N78’ cell phone, that is a multi-functional device that presents MP3, GPS, photography and mobility. This item focuses on the young guys and the loyal netizens always online

“We are aiming at the new generation of the net that has evolved to social networking or Web 2.0 where people can tell their experiences through shared platform such as Facebook and Flickr,” Vineet Taneja, Head of Go to Market, Nokia India Pvt Ltd.

At the same time, the old fashioned design of the keypad leaves few things to be desired because all the keystrokes on the board are too flat without any suitable degree of elevation or curvature seen. exquisite materials and fine designed buttons with proper space between each would certainly have been giving a bigger comfort to customers.

One more weak design is the camera shutter, for it seizes a main portion of the back and is not very hard. It can cause the photographic camera interface being began unintentionally when placing the mobile in a placket when the camera shutter starts up the imaging user interface as opened.

With a wide-range of capabilities Nokia N73 design definitely provide something for every person, yet buz-users might get canceled by lacking Wi-Fi and more occasional operators may be mpressed by the not-so easy-to-use keyboard and rigging rod, and it honestly can be far more comfortable.

At present, Nokia China spends a lot on 3G markets, which both young and aged groups may have access to. Nokia has supplied the most important base installation arrays on China Mobile’s Phase Two disposition of 3G network and on its testing rollout in Hainan province of China. With equipment for the moment being disposed unfolded across 28 major municipalities and cities around China, Nokia has displayed the best city networking founded on 3G Time Division-Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access