Nokia Dual Sim Mobiles – Trendy Phone For Multiple Needs

Nokia recently added the affordable models C1 and C2 in the dual SIM mobile phones category. C1 is a basic model having a long battery life but does not allow the user to easily switch between two networks. The Nokia C2 has advanced features like EDGE/GPRS, Bluetooth connectivity and one can easily access both the cards at the same time.

Other features include colour display, FM radio and MP3 player. So many features and a reasonable price surely is an attractive bet. Nokia C3 is another model which has dual SIM compatibility but has certain advancements like easy messaging, Wi-Fi and speedy internet connectivity. A slim metallic look, EDGE, GPRS enabled, 2 mega pixel camera, music player etc are some of the highlights of this phone that make it expensive but nonetheless very attractive.

A dual SIM mobile phone has become a necessity rather than a style statement today. Such a handset can support two cards wherein both the cards can be accessed simultaneously by the user without rebooting the phone each time the card is switched. The choice of network can vary according to individuals.

One can choose from GSM-GSM, CDMA-GSM or CDMA-CDMA SIM cards. CDMA-GSM dual SIM mobile is very useful for those who want to avail the call rates or tariff plans suited for their everyday needs that a single service provider cant ensure. One can even activate business and private numbers in a single handset. These types of mobile phones are also convenient for those who frequently travel abroad.

The availability of CDMA-GSM dual SIM mobile phones is very less as far as the more popular brands are concerned but finding such devices is not very difficult in the Indian market which is flooded with national and international companies manufacturing mobile handsets.

Nevertheless, the ease with which dual SIM mobile phones function is the gift of technology one can enjoy without worrying about the strain on the pockets as basic phones in this category are not that expensive and Nokia dual SIM mobile phones definitely give you this advantage. BOLA TANGKAS