Now with eBook publishing, reaching your target mass at affordable cost would not be a matter to be worried about

Do you want to be an author? Do you have a great idea or story to share with the world? My Grandmother used to say that you can learn something from just about everyone, and everyone has something to share.

The problem with that philosophy is not everyone gets the chance. The world of publishing is a tricky and often political landscape full of pitfalls for the aspiring author. Just getting a publisher to take a look at your book or idea is an enormous feat. A first time author is faced with a daunting challenge, an uphill climb over a mountain of seemingly endless rejection slips.

It’s unfortunate, but it’s enough to stop some of the world’s greatest works from ever being penned. There are a lot of factors that go into determining who and what to publish, and at the top of the list is money. Traditional publishing houses, like any other company, are in business to make a profit. They can’t afford to miss on many projects. As a result, if you are a first time author, or have an idea that doesn’t service the majority of society you are going to have a tough sell getting that book published. The primary reason being the costs of printing are significant, and the only way to offset the cost of printing is by printing in larger runs. This creates a vicious axiom where in order to publish a work a publisher has to be sure it will sell in large numbers, no matter how great the content.

However, first time authors; there is a glimmering beacon of hope. You can still share your masterpiece with the world, and earn a respectable living doing it. Technology has paved the way for some of the world’s biggest changes. In publishing technology is once again leading the charge into a new millennia. I’m speaking of electronic publishing services of course.

eBook creation is a great way for prospective authors to share their knowledge with the world, without jumping through the countless hoops imposed by traditional publishers. By skipping the printing process in favor of an electronic version, ebook publishers are able to significantly lower the costs associated with brining a manuscript to market. Therefore, even the smallest audiences are still profitable. Books that a traditional print publisher would never touch are quickly and effectively turned into electronic gold. And best of all, you get to share your secret recipe collection, or innovative way to capture solar energy with millions of potential readers.

Best of all, ebooks are profitable. All you need is an idea and the audience is practically built in. The first thing most people do when looking for information is to go online. If you’re considering writing a book and want to test out the world of electronic publishing, try starting with something you’re good at. Perhaps you’re an avid traveler and your friends and neighbors are always asking you for advice on vacation destinations. Why not consider writing your own travel guide? Outline and draft your thoughts, get feedback and input from friends and family, and then revise your thoughts into a finished masterpiece.

Once you’ve got the content written the publishing process is easy. There are a number of publishers out there. Just make sure that the ebook publisher you choose is experienced and has successfully published a collection of ebooks. Research costs to publish and compensation plans carefully and make sure you are getting a fair deal. Then offer your published work online and watch your bank account grow.

Ebook writing might be the perfect career for you. Even if you don’t wish to become a full time writer, you’ve probably read something before and thought to yourself, “I can do this better.”  And with ebook publishing there is no reason why you can’t share your expertise with the world and leave your mark on history.