Number One Factor on Twitter

This article is not about the basics of twitter as I assume that would be boring for most of you. By now you have heard of Twitter, whether you use it regularly or not. Millions of people are using it and it seems to be taking the world by storm quickly. Celebrities and politicians are even using it to get their messages across, sometimes instead of the time tested press conference. Imagine how many Twitter messages are being created today during Michael Jackson’s Memorial Service. Probably multi-millions if not billions.

Times have changed and so have the tools that we use. Twitter is a simple tool yet can be used in profound ways. As a tool of communication it can be used to create relationships in a digital world that could not be done any other way. From a business perspective this is vital in a business world that is becoming dominated by SEO, PPC, e-mail marketing, e-books and newsletters, social media like YouTube and so much more. There is one key to using Twitter as a money making tool and it is not very complicated to use it.

At first I was skeptical and ignored the shear brilliance of using Twitter. I had an account but never checked it and even coined a new term called Twunk. As in Twunk Mail, or junk mail on Twitter. I found it annoying to use and felt that the next generation of this application will be a new and improved technology and hopefully we would not have to wait too long for it. Then I started to see everyone using it in a truly intelligent way. It was a great way to build what is known as a list. Not just any list, but a list of targeted followers that are somewhat interested in what you may have to say.

Now not everyone on Twitter follows it or what you have to say but where else can you tap into 20,000 people that might be interested in your product or service on any given day. Now if you do not have anything worthwhile to say then a puppy dog wouldn’t follow you. Don’t worry, most of what this tool is useful for is learnable if you have the desire. You can create a large following and then start to develop relationships. I know some of you reading this may not have a product or service yet but creating relationships does not require any of this to start. If there is one thing you should remember is that a targeted list is the starting point of all business online. This is not only possible but can be done by anyone that is willing to put in the effort. Let me stop you here. If you think it is a get rich quick scam then don’t waist your time. You will not make any decent money because social media helps you as much as it exposes you. On the other hand, if you are willing to learn and put in the effort then you will create a significant following on Twitter that can be turned into cash.

There is a system that is well known and I am finally able to share it with you. Remember, this is the one system that is being used by professionals and online business owners, network marketers, companies with product launches, politicians, celebrities, etc.

WARNING: when you look at some of the presentations do not be fooled as I was for 6 months. The internet teachers and gurus are the new rich and do not care about whether you dress in a suit or flip flops. Click the link which is an affiliate link but the best one available that I could find, wish you the best of success.

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