Nutritionist’ Startling Discovery: McDonald’s food will not be bad over a year

We all know if you keep the food for a long time, it will soon be bad. However, in United States, a nutritionist get McDonald’s “Happy Meals” to make an experiment to obtain opposite conclusion that burgers and potato bought one year ago even not degenerate.

On March 19th, according to British news media report, this experiment maker JoAnn lives in Denver, Colorado. This 62-year-old nutritionist is grandmother of 8 children, usually against the kids to eat junk food specially.

A year ago, she decided to make a test. At first, she opened McDonald’s meal for children from restaurant, then put them on the shelf at home and took a picture. One year later, another photographs show that French fries and hamburgers did not change obviously from the appearance point of view.

Joann said, this is blamed that the food contains preservatives, “Food storage for a long time should gradually decay and odor, but this fast food was not become bad, it can show how it is harmful to children … … The reason that French fries can keep the yellow color is it contains citric acid and acid sodium pyrophosphate which help preserve the color.”

She place the two pictures for comparison on her blog, also said she had open the window for several times in this year, but no flies and other insects are attracted to these chips and burgers.

Joann said: “If even flies ignored fast food, and microbial can not degrade these foods, then the children’s bodies can not properly digest; now you know why these things is called junk food!”

However, Joann admitted that her home is near the Rocky Mountains, the local climate is very dry, there is not much moisture can speed up the rotting food, which may affect the final results.

But she repeatedly stressed that only those who really let the children eat nutritious foods, they can grow strong. 
In face of fast food will lead to public concern about children obesity, McDonald’s has been trying various ways to display their food is healthy; all the restaurants list food calories and other nutrients,but this experiment is quite alarming.

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