Nuts And Bolts And Their Many Uses

A nut is a fastener that has a threaded hole and hexagonal shape that match the stud, screw and bolts. A nut is a piece of metal that may be made of brass, aluminum alloy or steel. It may also be plated with non-corrosive metals to prevent corrosion and rust. There are different kinds of nuts such as square nut, hexagonal nuts, barrel nut, cap nut (acorn nut), cage nut, Clip-on nut (J-nut or U-nut), coupling nut, crushed nut, cross dowel, flange nut (collar nut), insert nut, Internal wrenching nut (Allen nut), knurled nut (thumb nut), lug nut, panel nut, Plate nut (nut plate), PEM nut (for metal), Rivet nut or blind nut, Self-aligning nut, Sex bolt, Swage nut, slotted nut, split nut, staked/welded nut (for plastic), Nut-type MJT, T-nut, T-slot nut (T-groove) nut, weld nut, well nut, and wing nut.

Bolts are threaded fasteners with metal cylinders and a head. A stud bolt has no head and threaded on both ends. You can classify the bolts according to material, diameter, pitch, type of head and length. Bolts may be made in variety of material such as aluminum alloy, bronze, brass and steel. Like nuts, bolts may be plated too with non-corrosive metals to prevent rust and corrosion. It may use cadmium or copper. The diameter of the bolt is the distance across the bolt. The pitch of the bolt is the number of threads in an inch. The type of head is the shape of the bolt’s head; it may flat, round, hexagonal, square or others. The length is distance from the head of the bolt up to the end. Some examples of bolts are hex bolts, carriage bolts, lag bolts, eye bolts, and U-bolts.

Nuts and bolts are manufactured in different variations, according to uses and applications. Nuts and bolts cannot be interchanged because they different measurement. Nuts and bolts measurement is either standard sizing or metric sizing. The strength of nuts and bolts is measured through the grade of their alloy. Nuts and bolts are designed to work together in tightening or fastening of two or more components or pieces. Nut and bolts are used because it is easy to use when joining two components and when taking apart two components. You just need to unscrew the nut from the bolt.

In order for you to fasten two components, check the hole on the object to ensure that there is no obstructions and the bolt will match the hole. Then insert the bolt on the hole and spin the nut at the end to tighten the object. You may use wrenches to tighten the nut.

Nuts and bolts are commonly used in automotive and construction industry. There are also some furniture that use nuts and bolts, these are the DIY furniture that don’t use nails. You don’t need an expert to join the pieces because it is so easy to put the pieces together with the help of nuts and bolts. BOLA TANGKAS