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Oahu flights can take you on the journey of Oahu adventures to enjoy a myriad of different experiences. Oahu tourist attractions cover a realm of possibilities such as exciting underwater adventure, traditional healing and breathtaking scenic excursions. Attractions on Oahu include a trip to the beautiful North Shore where the surf rules and the scenery is breathtaking. Though most popular with thrill seekers looking for giant ocean swells to tackle, the North Shore offers something for everyone, young and old alike. Armchair surfers experience the thrill of Oahu surfing in the winter season as crowds gather at points like Sunset Beach to watch experienced surfers do what they love best, relish in daring ocean feats. For an educational experience and plenty of Oahu family fun, make a day trip to the north shore’s Polynesian Cultural Center. This 42-acre Oahu attraction, run by students of Brigham Young University, features seven Pacific Island villages with a variety of hands-on cultural experiences, from Hawaiian hula dancing lessons to spear-throwing and fishing. In addition to the villages, visitors can enjoy the afternoon canoe pageant, a hula show and dinner. World-famous for its collection of tropical fish, the Waikiki Aquarium features a hands-on exhibit about sharks, an interactive exhibit on the origins of Hawaii’s marine life and a giant exhibit with sharks and other reef predators. It’s one of our favorite fun family activities in Oahu. On Atlantis Submarines visitors explore the mysterious undersea world without getting wet. On an unforgettable 45-minute journey, visitors see sunken ships and hundreds of exotic fish.

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