Obama Scholarships: Money To Help You Go To College

If you want to be successful, getting a good education is a good start. Since running for office in 2008, President Barack Obama has made education a priority issue for his administration. Grants and scholarships are just the beginning of efforts to try to make over higher education.

Expenses like college tuition and housing grow even as the economy suffers. College costs can really add up especially when money for things besides tuition and housing is considered. Unfortunately some students turn away from higher education because it’s too expensive. Single moms are especially affected in a bad way. Helping single mothers get an education helps their families and future employers. More scholarships for single moms is one way to improve the situation. Federal Pell Grants have now been fondly called Obama grants. With these grants, college-bound students can receive over $ 5,000 to pay for school. This is an increase of $ 1,000 over the previous maximum, and the goal is to help working mothers return to school. Working mothers can pay for tuition and books or even daycare if that allows them to attend school.

Another worthwhile program is the American Opportunity Tax Credit. This tax credit makes a way for students to write off the first $ 4,000 of their education costs. The $ 4,000 grant is especially great for low-income students. A grant and a tax break could be just the thing to help students like working single moms. Study options are wide open. Moms and students of all kinds can go to school with a little less to worry about.

Making more efforts to improve education opportunities is the best way for President Obama to show that he values them. Through the recent stimulus package, many undergraduate and graduate loans will be less of a burden. The administration is also focusing on improving the performance of schools at all levels. Higher education at a 2-year college can be a great option, and there is emphasis being put on that fact. Community college is important to prepare students for a 4-year college but also to prepare them for a 2-year degree or technical skill.

In his 2007 Reclaiming the American Dream speech, Obama stated, “We need to put a college education within reach of every American. That’s the best investment we can make in our future.” The President has shown a good effort to support his words through action. Scholarships for moms are only a small part of the mission to help educate more people. If you’re a potential student who wants to make education a priority, there are many chances for you to do so. BOLA TANGKAS