Obtaining Clear Skin Methodically

Taking good care of your skin is an essential part of your beauty routine if you want to maintain your youthfulness for as long as possible. Healthy skin is also an essential part of good overall health.

This process is complicated if you have oily skin because your task it made more difficult. There are several common traits of oily skin that you should look for.

You do not want to treat your skin like oily skin if it is not actually oily because that can dry out your skin and make your problems worse. However, if you do not know you have oily skin and therefore do not treat it accordingly, that lack of knowledge may be the source of your problems.

Oily skin typically features a very visibly oily surface, a greasy feel, a tendency to breakout, large pores, a slightly coarse feel, and loss of makeup in only a few hours. If you are still unsure of whether or not you have oily skin, be sure to test it.

One night when you clean your face, set a timer for thirty minutes. At the end of the thirty minutes, take a paper towel and blot your face.

If the paper towel comes away with oil on it, you unfortunately have oily skin. Once you have this knowledge you must treat your skin accordingly.

Even though you have oily skin, your specific composition is probably different from the person next to you who also has oily skin. As a result, certain products will affect you differently than other products will and certain products will work better for you than they do for other people.

The first step of your skin care routine should be to wash your face twice a day. Wash your face once in the morning and once at night with a cleanser designed for oily skin.

Do not think that the more you wash your face the clearer you will be because over washing your face will only lead to dry skin that will break out even easier. The best type of face washes for you will contain salicylic acid.

After you have properly cleaned your face, you should apply an astringent or acne-fighting cream. These things will help to balance the pH in your skin in areas that are affected.

Astringent and acne-fighting cream can prevent as well as treat acne. While acne creams can be used twice a day, astringent should only be used once a day as it will take too much oil off of your face if you use it more often.

The next thing you should apply is a moisturizer. Moisturizers will help balance out any areas that may dry out from getting over cleaned.

However, some people with oily skin feel like they do not need a moisturizer because of all of the excess oil. It is a good idea to keep some moisturizer on hand in case your skin feels dry one day, even if you choose not to typically use it.

As you have oily skin, you will want to avoid moisturizers with cocoa butter and mineral oils as these will only make the problem worse. The best kind of moisturizer to use is a moisturizer that is labeled as light, oil free, and noncomedogenic.

It is best if you can find a moisturizer that doubles as sunscreen. This will protect your skin for damage that can be dealt by the sun.

The next thing you will want to do is apply a clay mask once a week to your skin. A clay mask will clean your pores deeply, clear extra oil, and remove dead skin cells.

If this product is used more than once a week, the skin will become oilier because it will increase its oil production to make up for the loss. Skin naturally does need some oil, so you do not was to clean off all of the oil all of the time.

If sunscreen is not a part of your moisturizer, you will want to make sure you invest in one. Gel versions are generally the most effective and can help maintain clearer skin better.

Many people think that they will have to stop wearing makeup to treat their problem. This is not true.

There are an increasing number of makeup products that are designed to help people afflicted with oily skin obtain clear skin. If you look, you should be able to find products labeled as oil-free everywhere. BOLA TANGKAS