Oh the Places We Can Go

It seems like over time there are fewer restrictions on what people can do in terms of technology and the general advancement of things like research, travel, and communication. People can keep in touch with one another on a regular basis even if they are on opposite sides of the globe. The world of communication has been completely revolutionized by the introduction and explosion of the internet as it connects people from all over the world with such ease and convenience. Satellite internet ensures that no matter how far removed a person might be from the hustle and bustle of heavily populated areas, they do not have to go without all of life’s luxuries that are enjoyed by city dwellers.

For years, individuals who call the rural United States home had to rely on a dial-up connection if they wanted any kind of internet access at all. The painstakingly slow connection speed of dial-up makes it hardly worth the effort and the amount of things people can do with their connection is quite limited as well. Luckily, now people have the option of satellite internet to connect them with the rest of the world with a high speed connection that can put their patience to rest. People can e-mail, surf the web, and do all of the wonderful little things that make the internet such a wonderful and important part of people’s lives.

The issue of latency is an unavoidable problem when dealing with satellite internet but the speed is light years faster than dial-up so there is very little room to complain. The delay in the sending and receiving of information can be a little trying on someone’s patience if they are accustomed to cable or DSL speeds, but they must remind themselves that the information is traveling thousands of miles within a few milliseconds and having to wait a second or two more is not so bad. Latency does put some limits on what people can do on the internet; online gaming is not really a good idea, especially for serious gamers.

The delay that satellite internet has removes the competitive edge that online gamers need to really compete. The player with the fastest connection has the advantage so those few seconds of delay do matter in that context. Streaming videos is another internet activity that is not really possible with a satellite connection due to the delay. While this might seem like a big deal, these are nothing compared to the extreme limitations that a dial-up connection places on users. Along with recreational purposes, having an internet connection is a great way to share important information.

Researches who are in remote locations can remain in contact with their colleagues, sharing their findings and have access to any information that they might need to improve their work while in the field. The time and money that is saved by researchers having satellite internet means that information is becoming refined and more thorough at a much faster pace, to the benefit of us all.