“oil” Also Beauty! Soft Skin Secret

Oil beauty skin care products to do? OK? Oh, certainly ought to, such as: olive oil, ah, ah rose oil, though a little expensive but the results are very Haoe. The following is that the olive oil on skin care.

1. Protect the face: the face washing after using the “olive oil + salt” repeatedly gently massage the face, from the scrub, moisturizing effect. Then steamed hot towel face, or surface covered, except for the naked eye can not see inside the pores of dirt, increasing the skin’s luster and flexibility.

2. Lip: the weather suddenly turns cold, flu or stomach bad, people often peeling chapped lips will appear, then, coated with a small amount of olive oil as long as two to three days can make your lips become re- Guangrun. Now there are many women use olive oil instead of lip gloss, make lips flashed a natural gloss, of course, is better than a lip gloss continued.

3. Skin Care: hand joints, feet and other parts of the hip joints and easy to dry and wrinkle, frequent use of olive oil and restore the skin natural elasticity. Skin relatively dry autumn and winter, especially the legs and arm position, olive oil has a moisturizing and maintenance role in the normal drying time can be rubbed three times a week, especially on dry days with a daily cleaning.

4. Hair care: hair care in general is very simple, just prior to the comb in the hair dripping on the 34 drops of olive oil can, and does not make hair greasy. In addition, after shampooing, as like with hair conditioner, hair dry light, evenly to the hair smeared with olive oil, then wrap the hair with hot towel for 10 minutes, would allow the hair to become shiny supple.

5. Makeup and Cleansing: This is a rare reference to the role. Ladies do with the powder foundation is often a worry: powder to rub to stick to the face, Shi Jin. However, the skin often produced as strong of rubbing swab aging, wrinkle over time on the climb up the face. Olive oil helps the makeup, just a thin layer of face paint, you can more than makeup, skin nutrition can also prevent powder makeup off. People are generally kind of product oil with BB Remover, but for sensitive skin and sensitive parts of the skin, often worried about allergies, particularly when in the discharge Eye always very careful. The use of pure natural olive oil to remover need not worry. Used as a remover, use more makeup than the less, as long as with cotton dampened with a small amount, and then gently rub away the face of makeup, you can effectively remove paint and chemicals.

6. Bath: bath with olive oil? Asking too much! But great beauty Sofia? Roland is so to keep skin moist and flexible. But we can not use such a waste of time, as long as cotton soaked with olive oil, coating evenly over the entire body, then wrap a hot towel for 10 minutes, wash with warm water can.

7. Slimming: extra virgin olive oil can be directly consumed, contribute to the body’s metabolism and excretion, fasting every morning and drink a tablespoon olive oil has a certain weight-loss effects, but many people are not drink it, so can only eat bread dipped in olive oil, or add points in the milk.

8. For oil foundation, before the powder up base with olive oil and thin padding and make-up, so you can keep the beautiful make-up off at night instead.

9. As Cleansing Oil in the evening to run around after a day of toil, the rest to your skin, and this product is a good helper for your remover. Approach is to first wash your face with warm water and then evenly coated with olive oil, a little massage, then cotton cloth can be removed completely cover the face of cosmetics, dust and dirt hidden in the pores, if and Mask use, better results.

10. For skin care massage oil, and do not for the small face wrinkles depressed, to tell you a good way: After cleaning the skin, evenly coated with olive oil, light the way beauty requirements, massage gently and repeatedly, persist use, small wrinkles will gradually disappear, this method can be applied to the body to promote micro-circulation, glossy red skin flexible.

11. Farewell to the “old man music” due to less sebum secretion, itching caused by dry skin, really disturbing.