Oil Change – Do You Really Need To Go In Every 3 Months

We’ve all been told it; have your oil changed every three thousand miles or three months whichever comes first. It’s a frustrating detour out of most of our lives. To be honest the majority of drivers don’t even know why they are required to go to the shop four times a year. It’s just the mantra we’ve all be told since we first got behind the wheel of the car. But with technology the way it is today the question is, is it necessary?

To know whether the three thousand mile oil change rule is as true today as it was when you first got your license you must know why we were told that. Back in the heyday of the three thousand mile maintenance car makers had this rule for one reason and one reason only, sludge.

The lubricant inside your crankshaft would breakdown very quickly and instead of burning off clean, since engines didn’t run as hot, the broken down residue would gunk up and cover everything making your engine work harder. The only way to remove this mess would be to take the engine apart and meticulously clean it. If it was cleaned the engine could fail.

Fast forward to more recent dates, the government standards that car makers must adhere too is much stricter. Emissions must be a fraction of what they were years ago. This means that the engine must run hotter to burn off the emissions before they are released from the car’s tailpipe. Because of that, manufactures had to make a lubricant that could withstand the heat, hence the birth of the synthetics.

But because of this new burn rate, an oil change doesn’t have to take place every three months or three thousand miles. Why? Because the new lubricants don’t break down like the old ones did. They don’t leave the sludge behind that will cause engine failure.

So what does that mean for you? Well, for starters instead of having to go to the shop every three thousand miles for an oil change you can get at least five thousand miles out of each service. This is good news for you. The down side of this is, of course cost. Because these are synthetic lubricants service to your car will be a little more expensive. Instead of paying $ 30 for a lube job you might end up paying $ 40 or more. But it evens out by not having to take your car to the shop as much. And you don’t have to worry about the engine failing on you because of sludge. BOLA TANGKAS