Oldest Toyota is Young As Ever

Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the most respected names in the world. The massive SUV is capable of travelling in truly hostile conditions and yet give an award winning performance. It has given off-roading enthusiasts a wonderful machine.

Toyota Land Cruiser has a history of 60 long years.It is one of Toyota’s longest running models in the world. Its popularity with off-roaders boosted sales and more of them can be seen on streets. It sells more than any other SUV in the world. It has successfully survived eight generations of transformation while remaining true to its core. The SUV has its name etched deeply in the history of great automobiles of the world. The SUV stands for breathtaking durability, robustness and reliability.

It was in 1951 that Toyota made its first four wheel drive vehicle called the BJ. It was later called the Land Cruiser. The very model displayed stunning driveability and stiffness. It was driven up the toughest terrains, the Mouth Fuji, ( which is considered a live volcano) and is based 2,500 meters above sea level. It was done to to prove the cars’ amazing prowess. Impressed by its qualities, it was soon an object of interest by car lovers in foreign lands. Within a year Toyota started exporting the vehicle to the largest car markets like United States, Germany and Western Europe. Despite the stiff competition from local made car brands, Land Cruiser fared well in European and American Lands. It became in indispensable part of life for car lovers in Middle East, the tropical South East Asia and the salubrious South American markets. It offered high capability in the toughest terrains that it was introduced.

Such was its popularity in South America that Toyota started a production facility in Brazil in 1959, making it the first Toyota to be manufactured outside Japan. Land Cruiser also participated in Dakar rally, on of the many inter-continental rallies of the world. The vehicle was officially entered by Toyota in 1979. It has always finished among the top performers.

Till 1967, The car wore only green or brown colours, but later it shifted to more car-like colours. In 1967 Toyota introduced the station wagon style Land Cruiser, which increased its appeal among car owners. This station wagon style became a permanent fixture for Toyota over seven generations.

In India Toyota introduced Land Cruiser in 2009. It carries the 268 bhp V8 diesel engine that gives a consistent 200 km/h performance. However, its steep pricing has raised eyebrows among the SUVs enthusiasts. It is available as an imported model.

After 60 years and many generations, Toyota continues to manufacture it in nine locations across the world. It hard earned fame is unlikely to die in the near future. The Car will evolve to adapt in all kinds of weather and terrain.