Omega 3 Fatty Acids – How to Find the Best Source

The fact that a fraction of natural substances can have a dramatic effect on out health is always amaze me. Omega 3 fatty acids, one of those indespensable substances, must come from what we eat as our bodies can not produce them. We will discuss on the benefit of Omega 3 and good sources to get it.


The main two omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA are the ones that give the most benefits with DHA being the more important of the two.


It is the powerful anti-inflammatory qualities that are responsible for their incredible healing and preventative qualities.


Inflammation is so deadly because it sneaks up on you over time and the effect is a chain reaction of different health issues ranging from arthritis and chronic pain to much more serious ones such as aneurisms, brain disorders, strokes and even death.


Prevention of heart disease and strokes, lower LDL cholesterol, the prevention of breast and prostate cancer and maintaining proper brain health and mental well-being are some of the big health issues they can help with.


It is estimated that these omega 3 fatty acids are responsible for saving thousands of lives each year when taken as a daily supplement as 9 out of 10 people are deficient in them, putting their health at risk.


The very best source is oily fish such as hoki and salmon with vegetarian sources like flaxseed providing you with a fatty acid called ALA which is not as effective as the others and is rarely converted into them.


The problem with fresh fish is that it contains so many contaminants like mercury and lead that it is not advised to eat more than two portions a week and experts agree that daily fish oil omega 3 fatty acid supplements are the best solution.


It is vital to ensure any supplement you take has been molecularly distilled to remove all those contaminants and leave only concentrated pure oil with much higher omega 3 levels. These types of fish oil capsules can also be known as pharmaceutical grade.


The DHA level is crucial and a ratio of around 2:1 DHA to EPA is best, with around 250mg per soft gel or capsule. Many on the market contain very little DHA as it is more expensive to produce so check the website or label carefully.


Fish oil omega 3 fatty acids from the right source can significantly reduce your chances of falling victim to many degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and cancer later in life while also helping you to maintain excellent health now.


If you follow these simple steps you can soon look forward to all the benefits of fish oil omega 3 fatty acids with none of the associated risks.


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