On the Leash Dog Training

The two most important questions you need to ask yourself are:
1. Does your dog drag you and go wherever he wants?
2. Is your dog disobedient and you can’t handle him?

If your answer is yes to those two questions, you need help to overcome those problems with the correct teaching in the basic behavioural dog training techniques.

Handling tips… Training must not develop into a tug of war with your dog but your dog’s attention must be focussed on you. Always correct your dog while moving, forcing him to follow you. Do not correct the dog while standing still. Your dog must be able to walk beside you keeping pace with you and follow in the direction you would like to go. Dogs are very intelligent and will often take chances, and believe me, they know exactly with whom in the family they can do that. Be firm with your commands and take the lead. Remember that you are the leader and the dog the follower.

Very important… There is only one way to correctly put the chain over the dog’s head. Test the chain by putting it around your right arm to ensure that it opens and closes. Without taking the chain off your right arm, slip the chain around the dog’s head while standing in front of the dog. The chain must be able to open and close easily before you start the exercises.

With all respect… in a way, dogs are like children. The more attention and love they get, the better they will perform. However, there is a very thin line between love and spoiling. Beware of spoiling a dog too much. At the end you must be able to handle and control your dog. You and your dog must enjoy the sessions. and you will experience the therapeutic value of the exercises.