One Time When I Went Outside

I work in a company producing tons of papers for clients. It was about 1:30 in the morning when I decided to take a short break. Since I needed some caffeine for an extra boost, I stepped outside of the building to the nearest convenience store. Actually, down at the 7th floor of the building where I work from is also a convenience store. Nothing’s wrong with it. It has that laminate flooring Vancouver style and a taste of hardwood installations Burnaby made. But the price, oh the price pierces my pocket.

As I walk out from the convenience store, there was a commotion on the streets. One guy was shouting at another guy who was beside his car. The former said, “You we’re very fast.” The girlfriend, I assumed, of the guy next to his car cried, “We were not fast and you are just overreacting.” His boyfriend then said “It was your fault, so don’t yell at me.” From my view, a white sedan Lexus was on the left side of the street with a couple. In front of the couple’s sedan was the other guy. Then there was a baby stroller on the street instead of on a bamboo flooring Vancouver furnished floor. From the looks of it, the angry guy was shouting at the couples because they almost hit the stroller with a crying baby on it. I still thought the stroller should’ve been on a hardwood refinishing Langley customized floor at 1:30 AM.

The angry guy shouted again. “I am protecting my family and you almost hit my child,” he said. From the hardwood refinishing Vancouver furnished floor that I was standing on were also people doing their own private investigation of the event. Then the guy who was driving the car came up to the angry guy and said, “You don’t know me.” That was a cocky statement in the middle of an accident. It was, I thought, a guilty plead for a crime made. In turn, the angry father went more hysterical and pointed his finger at the six-footer driver. The driver did the same. Fortunately, the Police were there to stop any further damage.

The lesson here? Never say you are somebody who anyone can not mess with, especially when you almost hit a stroller. For crying out loud, there was a baby on the stroller. True, the father should’ve been more responsible for taking the baby out at the time of the night (or morning), but the driver should’ve been more careful with his sedan. The word “careful” is but an overstated word. But it will help you from hurting yourself and maddening a father who was just protecting his child.

When I left, the Fast and Furious driver and his girlfriend were still in a debate with the father. They should be, especially the driver. He must stand firm with his first statement that he is somebody you don’t want to mess with. Last words I heard were from the angry father. “Let’s go to court,” he shouted.

Surely, “sorry” won’t make up for it. Testosterone killed a lot of people if you will read history. Then again, so is reckless driving. Maybe it was the fault of the driver for enjoying his luxury car. Maybe it was the father’s fault for taking the baby out at that time of the day. Maybe it was the poor visibility of the Police force who just responds to crimes instead of preventing them. Maybe, for the sake of being involved, it was my fault to go outside rather than buy expensive goods inside the building.

But if we can be more materialistic and scientific, it is the fault of the first three components. Responsibility and accountability were absent. A baby’s life was threatened because of the actions made by the three parties. Think about that.