Online Blues Guitar Lessons – Is That the Best Way to Learn?

Online blues guitar lessons are a fun and easy way to learn to sound like your guitar heroes and impress your friends. Anyone learning blues guitar wants to aspire to sounding like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, B B King….. the list goes on. So what’s the best way to learn the techniques to play and sound like your blues heroes?

Blues guitar can sound complicated, but its simple chord progressions and basic scales patterns make it easy, with a little bit of practice, to learn. You can of course go to a private tutor, but that means you have to pay out a lot of money and take time out to fit their schedule. Online lessons allow you to work at your own pace at your convenience.

Of course, playing the blues is not just about learning the tunes; its how you play and the feel you give to the music. But before you can put your soul into the music you have to learn the techniques that the great bluesmen, such as Eric Clapton, BB King, Buddy Guy, SRV, Robert Cray use in their music, such as ‘hammer ons’ ‘twiddlies’ ‘bends’ and ‘pinch harmonics’. You have to learn how to use the chords and scales effectively and to be able to improvise along with anyone playing the blues; you need to be able to play across the whole fretboard effortlessly,

A great way for any novice on how to play blues guitar is to look at online lessons; but there are a wealth of websites out there, some good, some not so good and of course, some great ones.

You could spend more time searching through the plethora of online blues guitar lessons, tabs, videos and all the other guitar related stuff than you do actually ‘playing’ the guitar; after all, you didn’t spend all that money on that fabulous Gibson Les Paul to leave it sat on the stand… did you?

You need to look out for certain things in the lessons to help you learn more easily. You don’t have to be able to read music, but you need to be able read TAB, so it’s important that the lessons take you right through how to read TAB and that it includes MP3s so that you can hear what you’re supposed to sound like. A great aid to playing effectively and learning the fingering techniques is to have plenty of video content so you can watch the tutor play.

So to spend more time playing and practicing and less time searching, you need to focus on one or two sites that give you high quality lessons, to get you up and running and sounding like a pro as quickly as possible.