Online Document Archiving and Management Solutions

Document archiving is an essential component in many business models. It is a requirement that the archive process is secure and trusted; so that it can be proven that the documents have not been altered since entering the archive. All business organizations depend on having these records for legal evidence that transactions were completed and agreements were signed.

A well-managed online library can track your physical and electronic records more efficiently than traditional archiving methods, with a centralized registration and retrieval system. You will be able to find, request and retrieve your electronic or paper documents promptly and easily, often essential for satisfying legal requirements. Older or paper records can be digitally scanned and saved electronically into your archive system. These records are saved as PDF files, and can easily be properly indexed by your document management software.

Online storage keeps the archived information just a few mouse clicks away, saving you time, money and the space held by physical paper storage methods. Document management software can properly index your files, which will further provide efficiency in sorting and retrieving records, establishing optimum filing organization.

A document management system controls the life cycle of the files in your company; how the documents are created, reviewed, published, and used and ultimately how they are saved or disposed of. An effective system should be flexible, allowing you to tightly direct the life span and circulation of records within your organization, but also letting you execute a more loosely controlled system if that better suits your project. It promotes retrieving and sharing information easily and organizes content in a logical and coherent way, making it easy to regulate content creation and presentation across your business platform.

With a proper solution in place, you’ll become aware of increased productivity by making information readily available to your employees. Customer service will be improved by allowing you to provide records immediately rather than having to go look for them. Vital records and information will be safe from floods, fires and other natural disasters.

So, what do you do with all of your physical records once they are digitized and stored electronically? Shredding is a safe and secure option for discarding sensitive materials. The shredding process destroys these records, turning them into bits that are no longer recognizable, thereby ensuring that privacy is maintained.

Gone are the days of a warehouse filled with boxes of records and archived documents. The storage room of today is online, secure and accessible and complies with the legal requirements for records management. Using easy document retention and retrieval services can ensure your company’s file-keeping efficiency and boost employee productivity.