Online Tenders for Ryde Civic Precinct

Online Tenders have been requested for Urban Designers / Architects to prepare Concept Master Plans and supporting information and for qualified and experienced Cost planning firms to prepare Cost Plans and provide Sustainability and Risk Assessment advice for a mixed-use development in Ryde Civic Precinct.

Ryde Town Centre (also referred to as Top Ryde) is located in the north-west region of Sydney, approximately 14 kilometres from Sydney CBD and 10 kilometres from Parramatta. The area is bound by Curzon Street, Ryde Public School and Argyle Street to the north; Victoria Road to the South; Blaxland Road and Belmore Street to the west; and Princes Street to the east.

The town centre is home to significant heritage buildings such as St Anne’s Church, the Wesleyan Church and Church Hall, the former Court House, Ryde Police Station and Willandra, Addington and Westward houses along with Ryde Public School, Council offices and Civic Centre and residential and shopping areas.

Australia’s largest retail development, Top Ryde City commands a striking presence in the town centre. It occupies a 3.5 hectare site on the corner of Devlin Street and Blaxland Road. The retail component of Top Ryde City incorporates 78,215 square metres of retail space, housing approximately 290 retailers with 3,055 car spaces. Construction included three vehicular tunnels under Devlin Street to provide uninterrupted access to the centre’s carpark as well as two pedestrian bridges.

Ryde Town Centre will be a vibrant, attractive and safe place to live, work, visit and invest, with a diversity of public spaces and opportunities for leisure, learning, shopping and business that reinforce the role of Ryde Town Centre as the civic and commercial hub of the City of Ryde. The centre will be enlivened by outdoor dining, civic events and festivals that are set within high quality public domain.

The civic hub for the City of Ryde will be an island surrounded by roads and disconnected from the retail core and town centre by Devlin Street. The key criteria are:

Have new development that enhances the landmark qualities of the precinct

Public domain to be enhanced and pedestrian activity promoted

Have public transport facilities improved for the convenience of both the service providers and users

Links between the retail heart and civic hub across Devlin Street to be improved for pedestrians, bus users and cyclists

Relationship between the Civic Precinct and surrounding areas to be enhanced

Car usage minimised

Have a range of uses – Government, community, residential and commercial activities.

The Online Tenders for Urban Designers / Architects for the a mixed-use development in the Ryde Civic Precinct are the first step in this exciting project.